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Lakaw is a journey is a step is a move. I love to travel around the world and this is my travel and travel gadget site. Welcome and Enjoy!

0 comments | Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brookings McCrory Gardens in winter and McCrory Gardens in summer!

If you happen to be in Brookings, South Dakota during summer time, don't miss to see the flowers at the McCrory Gardens. The flowers usually bloom in full around July.
It was my second time to visit the whole garden. Enjoy these few photos.
See more of Brookings. There are other links on the leftmost sidebar.


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While the MSI Wind 10" Windows XP is available in the U.S., the MSI Wind 8.9-inch U90 Linux Version may not be.
The MSI's 8.9-inch Wind U90 laptop is shipping with SUSE Linux exclusively to start, with an XP version in the works.

MSI Wind U90 - Linux Version is planning on shipping at the end of September or beginning of October in Europe for a price around 339 Euro. No word yet on its availability in the U.S. I am still hoping for a US release for this ultraportable gadget.

MSI Wind 8.9 inch U90 (Linux Version) Specifications/Features:

• Intel Atom N270 Processor
• Genuine Windows is authentic Windows software that is properly licensed and legally installed.
• 8.9” Wide Screen Display
• Convenient Magnifying Capability
• Ergonomic Big-Size Keyboard and Touch Pad
• Hard Drive with Massive Capacity
• Built-in High Resolution Mega Pixels Webcam
• Built-in High-Performance 2 Channel Stereo Speakers, and Microphone
• 802.11b / g Wireless Lan with Bluetooth
• Comprehensive Multi-Media Application Interface



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Fighter jet doing a canyon run. Enjoy!

I just love the music, I Love Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash Rocks!


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0 comments | Saturday, August 30, 2008

Since LG and MSI co-own a factory in China, LG launches the MSI clone netbook - the LG LX110.
Here are the features/specifications of the LG LX110 netbook.

- Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz
- 1 GB RAM
- 80GB HDD
- 1.3 megapixel webcam
- Bluetooth
- WiFi 802.11 a/b/g
- 3 x USB 2.0
- Ethernet 10/100 poort
- Kensington card reader slot
- Windows XP Home Edition

The price of the ultraportable LG LX110 laptop is around $585 (€399 to €499).



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Tango Toy 8.9" is a Korean netbook. It is manufactured by Sungju Computer, which is a popular Taiwanese company. Its looks is similar to Asus ultra-portable PC products.
Here are the features/specifications of the Sunju Tango Toy 8.9" netbook:

* CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Atom
* Display: 8.9 inch, 1024 x 600 pixels
* RAM: 1GB
* HDD: 160GB
* OS: Windows XP or Linux
* Connectivity: 802.11b/g WiFi, Ethernet
* I/O: 3 USB ports, VGA output,
* Camera:1.3MP
* Battery:32Whr
* Colors: yellow, black, white, pink
* Dimensions: 9.2″ x 7″ x 1~1.3″
* Weight: 2.1 - 2.4 pounds

The price of Sunju Tango Toy 8.9" netbook is around 599,000KRW or about $571 US. No word yet on when it will be available in the U.S.

More pictures here.


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0 comments | Friday, August 29, 2008

What is a merchant account?

Merchant account is a deal under which an acquiring bank extends a line of credit to a merchant who wants to accept payment card transactions of a particular card brand. Without such a deal or contract, a person cannot accept payments by any of the major credit card brands.

So if you have an business offer online, no matter how good the price offer or alluring the advertising, if consumers are not comfortable with the way you handle their financial transactions, or the payment options you offer, they'll go elsewhere. Online customers are now comfortable in credit card payments. If you own a website intended for selling stuff, then apply for a merchant account.

If you are unable to get a merchant account with your bank, consider non-banking institutions. Try OnlineChecks. Their best merchant services are well worth the money. Good service can mean the difference between an efficiently operating merchant account that makes things trouble-free for you, and discovering yourself spending more time resolving problems than actually making the bucks.

OnlineChecks provide merchant accounts and is a company that is vested in your success as a merchant. No fees, no contracts, and a free credit card machine, if you try now.

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The Travel Pilot N700 will cost you about $740. But if the features are worth it, the price is not a hindrance. What can a Travel Pilot N700 do?
It does live video for you while you drive. The Travel Pilot N700 has a small camera stuck on the back of the windshield-mounted unit that feeds live video on which navigation instructions are superimposed. [watch the demo video after the jump]

The unit also features voice control, live traffic info, WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to read and warn of traffic signs with the integrated camera.


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If you are an online merchant needing help to facilitate credit card processing, try Merchant Advisors. They have the best merchant services today that offer a low cost, hassle-free solution to begin accepting credit cards for your business. Here’s what you get when you apply from them.

• FREE Terminal. Yours to keep!
• Next Day merchant funding! Process orders today-get paid tomorrow.
• Accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
• 30 Day Free Trial
• No long-term contracts. Process month to month. Cancel anytime.
• 1.59% transaction rate
• NO Annual Fee
• 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support
• Trusted system used by over 180,000 merchants nationwide!

Over 85% of all internet transactions are paid for using online credit card payments, so apply for a merchant account and online payment gateway. Merchant account and credit card service companies are plentiful on the internet, but you can always trust Merchant Advisors to do the right service you need.
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1 comments | Thursday, August 28, 2008

Space Cube measures only 2 inches by 2 inches, almost the size of a large dice. That is how small the world's smallest computer!
The tiny PC is developed by the Shimafuji Corporation in Japan. Features of the Space Cube include:

- CPU speed of 300 MHz
- 16 MB of on-board flash memory
- PC runs on a Linux OS from a 1GB CompactFlash card
- hard drive is a 64MB SDRAM card
- LAN port, USB port, Ethernet port, and a VGA monitor connecto
- even accommodates speakers and headphones
- has a SpaceWire port, which is an extremely thin socket that serves as an interface used by NASA, ESA, and JAXA

The tiny PC is designed for use in space, where its task is to control various electronics and manage an "interstellar computer network.

Space Cube price when it goes for sale is around £1,500 ($2,750).


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Women who are up to a great deal of shopping this summer should not miss this opportunity to check out Heavenly Couture.

I am recommending the site to my sister since most of their items are below $20 and are made from quality designers and they market premium denim. The site offers the best quality discount clothing and women's clothing throughout Northern America.

So you get the best deal here - cheap clothing, yet with the best quality. If you like an item, click the image and it will show you the front and back parts.

To get the deal, simply go on the Heavenly Couture website (www.getheavenly.com). Remember, everything is no more than $17.95! For a limited time, there is up to 10% off for back-to-school shopping!

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Are fond of documenting your travels and sharing your favorite places to your friends and family? You should use Placefav. It is a simple tool that lets you keep track of and share your favorite places anyone you want. Placefav allows you to make a simple list of your favorite neighborhood spots, then share it as easily as passing around a link.
The layout is simple, as the site is still in its early stages, but it is good enough for me. The photos are linked to a map, so people would know where exactly are the locations of the photo.

Be the first to try Placefav, an easy way to share your favorite places.


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Wherever your work brings you, always make sure you get a massage. Working too hard plus traveling constantly can be very stressful, mentally and physically. Stressing yourself too much can cause aching muscles, loss of appetite, restless sleep, and a complete sense of exhaustion.

To bring back the energy, naturally heal your body by getting a massage. Massage is the best way to detoxify yourself while you are relaxing. Other benefits include:
- improve your energy and alertness
- relieve certain repetitive motion injuries related to on-the-job activities
- hasten the elimination of waste and toxic debris that are stored in your muscles
- increase your joint flexibility and range of motion

It doesn't matter where you are, you can always get a massage by checking out the phone directory. A whole body massage is the best! If happen to be in Flagstaff, AZ, you can visit the DexKnows.com online directory for massage in Flagstaff or check out Flagstaff Yellow Pages. It has a listing of all available massage services in the area.

DexKnows.com is not just for massage listing though. It is an all-around directory where you can find business locations in Flagstaff. It is the directory that can help you find anything!
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The Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Mini Ui 3520 netbook has been released officially today. The mini-sized laptop looks like a toy in comparison to the 17-inch Fujitsu Siemens Amilo notebook. There is a video after the jump.
Specifications and features of the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Mini Ui 3520:

- 8.9’’ WSVGA Display (1024 x 600)
- Intel Atom Processor N270 (1,6 GHz)
- 1024 MB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
- 60/80 GB HDD (3600 rpm / 4200 rpm)
- LAN, WLAN 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth
- ExpressCard slot
- USB 2.0, VGA out
- Webcam 1,3 Megapixel, Digital Array Microphone
- Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
- 233 x 29 / 36 x 175 mm, 1 kg

No mention yet of its availability in the U.S. The price released is for Europe: 399€.


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Sony has released a new cyber-shot digital cameras -- Sony Cyber-shot T500! They're cool, with nice designs and small for your every travel.
The Sony Cyber-shot T500 delivers sparkling stills and High Definition video clips to go.

* New HD movie mode captures high-quality HD video clips with stereo sound
* 10.1 effective megapixels
* Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with 5x optical zoom
* Extra-large 3.5-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus touchscreen
* Double Anti-blur with Optical SteadyShot and High Sensitivity
* HD Slide Show with Music shows videos and stills on LCD or connected HD TV
* Easy management, web upload and emailing of movie files with supplied Picture Motion Browser PC software

Available in a choice of eye-catching piano black, silver and red finishes, the chic T500 is packed with Sony technology to help everyone take better-looking pictures.

The superb Carl Zeiss lens features a new ring-type Zoom button, allowing easy adjustment throughout the 5x range while you’re shooting movies.

The Cyber-shot T500 will be available from October 2008. No word just yet on price.


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0 comments | Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you have a big problem paying your bills? Are you receiving notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Most especially, are you bothered on losing your valuables, like your home or your car?

Don't worry much. You’re not the only one in distress. A number of people face financial crisis sometime in their lives. Whether the dilemma is due to personal or family illness, the loss of a job, or overspending, it can look overpowering. But most of the time, the problem can be solved.

If you are in financial hot water, don’t drown in your debts and consider taking this option: debt consolidation. Debt consolidation combines several debts or loans into one larger loan through a consolidation, frequently by refinancing a home loan. Your payment term will usually be extended, but your payments and interest rate will be reduced.

No matter want choice you make when deciding how to consolidate debt, let Bills.com point you in the right direction with tips, articles, and debt consolidation providers that have been pre-screened to help you consolidate debt.

How do you know which will work best for you? Contact Bills.com and they will show you how. You have the power to get out of debt, so act now.

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MSI today announces a new model to its line of notebook, the MSI EX300 and the MSI EX400. The MSI EX300 and EX400 have incorporated the concept of athleticism into the modern world of notebook computers, packing them with excitement and energy.
The MSI EX300 has 13.3-inch WXGA display while the EX400 has 14.1-inch display. Both laptops sport traditional styling.

Features/Specifications for MSI EX300:
Processor - Intel Core2 Duo processor
Operation System - Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Display - 13.3" TFT WXGA ACV Display (1280X800)
Hard Disk Drive - 160 / 250 /320 GB SATA
Optical Drive - DVD Super-multi/ Blu-Ray DVD
Memory Maximum - 4GB
Express Card - 1
LAN - 10/100/1000 GB LAN
Bluetooth - Bluetooth V2.0+EDR(Optional)
Wireless LAN - 802.11 b/g/n
Card Reader - 3-in-1
Mic-in/Headphone out - 1 /1
USB - 2
E-SATA(USB Combo) - 1
Speaker - 2
Battery - 4 / 8 Cells
Dimension (WxDxH) - 303x231x24-30mm
Weight (with battery) - 1.9 Kg(including 4cells battery)
Other features - 2.0 M Pixels Web Cam/ FingerPrint Reader

Features/Specifications for MSI EX400:
Processor - Intel Core2 Duo processor
Operation System - Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Chipset - SiS 672 DX + SiS968
Display - 14.1" WXGA TFT-LCD Display
Hard Disk Drive - 160 / 250 / 320 / 500 GB, SATA
Optical Drive - DVD Super Multi / Blu-Ray DVD (Optional)
Memory Maximum - 4GB
VGA Controller - ATi Mobility Radeon™ HD3450 graphic card
VRAM - DDR2 256 MB
Audio Speaker - 2 Speakers
LAN - 10/100 GB LAN
Bluetooth - Bluetooth V2.0+EDR(Optional)
Wireless LAN - 802.11 b/g/n
I/O Card Reader - 4 in 1(SD/MMC/MS/XD)
Mic-in/Headphone out - 1 /1
USB - 4
PCI Express card - 1
Battery - 6 Cells/9 Cells (Optional)
Dimension (WxDxH) - 330x240x25-37mm
Weight - 2.2 Kg

No price yet for the new MSI Wind notebooks.


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Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur who needs a capital to succeed?

Here is my little advice to you. Try a simpler, smarter option to financing your small and mid-sized business in no time. What would you look for in a financing company?

1. Must have competitive rates
2. Must have fast approvals - get approved in 24 hours
3. Must have flexible offerings to suit specific and changing needs of on demand businesses
4. Must have expert financiers to give you advice and support
5. NO closing costs, NO points, NO application fees
6. No collateral required
7. No financials required
8. Does not show as a debt on your credit report
9. Full disclosure of all fees and terms so you can be sure the decision for a Business Cash Advance is the right one for your business.

A business cash advance is what you need from onlinecheck.com. A business cash advance known also as a merchant cash advance allows you to receive cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. Once approved, your cash advance will be deposited into your business checking account giving you immediate access to needed funds.

If business financing can be very time consuming and frustrating, in onlinecheck.com, they do the best to maximize your valuable time. Yes, there is No Collateral, so you can rest assured your Assets will not be pledged. With this, what is the problem indeed? NO Time + NO Collateral = NO PROBLEM!

Here is how to apply: Visit them online for your startup loans, here.

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0 comments | Monday, August 25, 2008

ASUS F6 scented laptops are no joke. They really are designed to smell. The official press release for the new line of ASUS F6 scented notebooks say:
Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the world of personal laptops and celebrate individuality with the ASUS F6 scented notebooks. The compact and stylish F6 engages the eyes with attractive motifs and for the first time, our sense of smell with infused scents.

However, ASUS notes that the lifespan of the fragrance depends on actual usage. LOL.

ASUS F6 available scents:

Floral Blossom
In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, leaving the somber feel of conventional laptop designs far behind with its cheerful, floral motif and a floral scent – the most attractive laptop for ladies!

Musky Black
Boasting a glossy black surface emblazoned with a colorful motif inspired by extreme sports and graffiti art, this model emanates power, daring, and energy with its playfulness and musky scent.

Morning Dew
Realized in a pastel green hue, this graphic motif is inspired by the love and respect for nature. Return to the embrace of Mother Nature for a crisp and refreshing awakening of the senses whenever you work on your notebook.

Aqua Ocean
The freedom afforded by a boundless expanse of sky and the energy of breaking waves are captured perfectly on the cover of this notebook. The matching invigorating aquatic scent will keep your days energized!

Specifications for the ASUS F6 scented laptops:
Intel Centrino 2 processor technology
- Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400
- Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset
- Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN Network Connection
Genuine Windows Vista
- Genuine Ultimate
- Genuine Business
- Genuine Home Premium/Home basic

DDRII-667/800 DRAM support, up to 4GB
13.3” WXGA Color Shine LCD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470, external 256MB DDR2 VRAM
SATA 120/160/250/320GB
31.2 x 23.19 x 3.2-3.52cm


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Planning to settle and find a new home in the States? There are quite a number of nice US cities to choose from - Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Las Vegas, to name a few. But what about heading for the largest city in the state of North Carolina and the 19th-largest city in the United States? Live in Charlotte, NC - also called the “City of Churches”.

Search for the best Charlotte realtor now and get to know the place better.

It is easy to find a new home that fits the need and the budget if you have your realtor with you. The realtor will help you locate your new home by size, price and help you find out more about what your new community has to offer.

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Where: The Alps

Where: Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica

Where: South Florida

Where: Northern Manitoba Coast, Canada

Where: Tanzania


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Sending e-cards may be the fastest to do when you send warm thoughts to your family back home. But nothing could replace the hand-delivered post office mail cards made of hard paper or cardboard. There is always something in a traditional postcard, or snail mail that, when compared to an e-card, make for a much more enchanting experience for not just the recipient but the sender of the card as well.

In all my travels around the U.S., I always make sure I get to grab a dozen or so postcards to send to my family back in the Philippines -- for my parents, brother and sister in law, grandparents, aunts and uncles and few other close friends. The cards must be memorable and beautiful. I even sometimes customized the cards and add a little touch of my creativity before sending them. This will guarantee my friends or loved ones will be surprised if not equally as elated.

If you don’t have time to buy cards from the store, more so customized them, you can always order online the finest quality personalized cards on the market today! Especially that Christmas holidays are coming, you should prepare the cards as early as possible. Try christmascardsdirect.com. With them, you can personalize your card easily via their experienced customer service staff. They offer some card tips and tricks for an awesome photo card. The cards are not for your loved ones only. You can also create business Christmas cards for your business partners, employees and clients.

Visit christmascardsdirect.com to see card samples.

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0 comments | Sunday, August 24, 2008

Travel and Leisure has compiled the World’s Best Hotels for 2008. South Africa’s premier safari brand, Singita, scooped no less than three major international travel awards when it was named Best Hotel in the World, Best Small Hotel in the World and Best Hotel in Africa and the Middle East. Look at the photo, that is simply amazing!

Here are the top 15 World’s Best Hotels for 2008:
#1 - Singita Sabi Sand & Kruger National Park - South Africa
#2 - Oberoi Rajvilas - Jaipur, India
#3 - Fairmont Mara Safari Club - Masai Mara, Kenya
#4 - Oberoi Udaivilas - Udaipur, India
#5 - Triple Creek Ranch - Darby, Montana
#6 - Oberoi Amarvilas - Agra, India
#7 - Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
#8 - Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve - Sabi Sands, South Africa
#9 - Tortilis Camp - Amboseli National Park, Kenya
#10 - Domaine des Hauts de Loire - Onzain, France
#11 - Alvear Palace Hotel - Buenos Aires, Argentina
#12 - Little Palm Island Resort & Spa - Little Torch Key, Florida
#13 - Hotel Bel-Air - Los Angeles, California
#14 - The Oriental - Bangkok, Thailand
#15 - Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele - Hawaii

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The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is now available for pre-orders, according to shop.lenovo.com. For $429 (black one) you can get a netbook/laptop/UMPC with a 10.2 inch display, 512MB of RAM, an 80GB HDD, a 3 cell battery, and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 laptops won’t actually ship until September 9. However, it is better to reserve the item while it lasts. If you want to buy the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 (white and red), you have to add $10 more.
Lenovo IdeaPad S10 features:

Intel ATOM Processor N270 Single Core ( 1.60GHz 533MHz 512KB )

Operating system
GenuineWindows XP Home Edition

Display type
10.2 WSVGA AntiGlare TFT with integrated camera 1024x600

System graphics
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Total memory
512 MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz

Hard drive
80GB 5400

Communication adapter
Broadcom 11b/g Wi-Fi wireless

3 Cell Lithium-Ion

One year parts and labor (system battery: one year)

Pre-order here


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0 comments | Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't spend too much for an mp3 player when you travel. Shell out just a $9 and you'd get the Evergreen "DN 2000".
The Evergreen "DN 2000" is a great choice for those who are worried about having their items stolen while on the road. For just $9 dollars, who cares?

It plays music directly from SD-memory cards (1GB max) and is powered by a single AAA battery for up to 5 hours of continuous playback. This player measures 58×60×13 mm and weighs 30g (without batteries).

For a high-end music player, use Apple iPod classic 80 GB Black (6th Generation). If you buy it in Amazon, you save around $15. See it in Amazon store.


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If you plan to start a travel agency business, the best way to kick it off to a high speed is to get it online, obtain a domain and start a blog.

Register your own domain name. I have seen some businesses that are using only free hosting sites. If these businesses want to be successful in online marketing, spending spending 50 dollars to register a domain for the next five years is a must.

Get a decent website host. For a starting business website that doesn’t expect lots of traffic or a complicated website setup, you can find a ton of affordable and reliable web hosting colocation options for less than $10 dollars a month. Try this site and look for the best web hosting service for your business. The site lists the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers - Best Web Hosts 2008! Read this post on What You Need With Cheap Hosting.

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We have already posted blog challenge 07 -- Bloggermania: Challenging The Platforms Of Old Media.

Is traditional media still relevant in a blogging world? Conversely: Like Wikipedia, is blogging light years away from being acceptable means for credible journalism? Are there means to regain the glory of old journalism? What are the alternatives and where do you think is the proper place of blogging in the grand scheme of media consumption in the 21st century?

Answer the question by writing a post and submitting it to the Blog Challenge Award site. Be recognized in the blogging world with your creativity and way of writing blog posts. Join the challenge 07!


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It's already over a month since we last threw a party at home. You see, I live with foreign colleagues (Bolivian, Ukrainian and Ethiopian) and we all like crazy parties. Friends love us because we always serve them with a variety of cuisines. I already learned one Ukrainian dish and now hoping to learn the Ethiopian way of cooking a spicy beef.

Next week a party might be coming. I am thinking of making it a little exciting by requesting everyone to come in costumes. Since I am fascinated with medieval stories and myths, period costumes might be a good choice.

I checked out some sites where I could buy these historical-looking costumes and was led to halloweenadventure.com. They have the largest costume and party supply store on the web -- accessories and party supplies for adults, kids, and even pets! Although they are known for their popular halloween costumes and accessories, yet they don't pale in comparison with other stores in terms of creative options for every party occasion.

Okay, it's time to check out the site for more. By the way, they have a coupon code: PPP05BLOG2008 - use it to get 5% off, works till OCTOBER 10th, 2008.

For more news in the costume industry, visit their blog.halloweenadventure.com.

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While deleting old files from my laptop, I unearthed articles that had gotten the nod of Sun-Star Daily lifestyle editors and were lucky enough to be published and read by the public.

I was so so young that time - the engineering student whose passion were solving math problems and writing essays. Each time I had an article on the paper (Sun-Star Daily, Sun-Star Weekend and The Freeman Newspaper and Sunday Magazine), my heart leaped for joy! Yeah, the joy of seeing my name printed in bold. I don't know if my mom still has the copies of the papers. She used to collect and show them to her colleagues.

I am re-printing one of the articles about jeepney rides. Read on..
What would you feel if when you have to wait for hours on a jeepney stop just to get a seat you could hardly fit in? What if hanging aft is the only choice left so you can be home on time? How would you feel if you were in a deep hurry for an appointment and the jeepney you boarded on had to stop by for a fuel refill? Grrrrr...

If you are one of the many who do not own a luxury car or even an ordinary chity chity bang bang (imagine a car that starts with two little sneezes and short blasts) you can always go out to the streets and pick up a taxi or much more exciting, opt for an air-conditioned public utility jeepney. If your budget is tight, go for the latter and experience something unique.

As far as I can remember, the first time I rode a jeepney without my mother dragging me by the hand was when I was in my last year in high school. As a young promdi then, I wasnt able to fully utilize my freedom as a commuter, that is, being free to go anywhere, as mom was never absent to help me transport myself. When the much-awaited first came upon a young, inexperienced fellow, as I was to ride a jeepney from Talamban to Colon, across the streets, alone I felt excited and rather uneasy.

LOST IN THE STREETS. I had this fear of taking a PUJ with glass windows too small to get a good view of the outside, since I could be brought somewhere else from where I wanted to go and the fact that I wasn't used to memorizing landmarks, just added to the apprehension. I could only pray that this would never happen. But I ended riding one of them, anyway. Up the lane to the highway, I kept on peeping through the small opening so I could tell where I was in the first place. As expected, I was apparently heading in the wrong direction. Why had I not been more attentive to mom when she said that 13B is for Carbon route and 13C for Taboan? Thank God that the person next to me, noticing my anxious movements and nervousness, told me where to get down and take the nearest ride back home.

JEEPNEY DREAMS. I never learned from just one instance though. For me it is cool to experience something the second time around, well this time in a different way.

A little dizziness was not a barrier for someone driven by the need to buy a school requirement for the next day. Totally drained from working on a project overnight, I could tell there was a clash happening between my consciousness and my eyelids. Still, I went out, took a jeepney and started a journey too noteworthy to forget and too odd to forget. A hundred meters and my eyes started to give in and my mind wandered through the vastness of thought. Yes, I had fallen asleepfor fifteen minutes! And that was a span of time enough to get me heading back home. Opps, ha ha ha, but no one else had noticed it though. So I acted as if nothing had happened, waited for a while, then got off and never looked back.

A LADYS TALE. One can certainly derive important lessons from another persons experience. Take this one. I was on board a jeepney via downtown one fine early summer morn. Being the first passenger, I took the rear and seat near the entrance. Minutes later, a refined, young lady hopped in. Taking a seat directly opposite to me, I knew at first glance she was bound for work, her thick red lips and facial facade told me so. I was enjoying her charms (she was beautiful) when all so suddenly, without both of us knowing, the driver braked to an unexpected halt to an old woman who wanted to get on board. In physics it is stated that in every action there is always a counterpart reaction. Newtons Law of Motion, that is. Before the reaction could affect me, I was able to quickly grip myself firmly on my seat. The lady unfortunately let herself slide, slip and skate along the lengthy passenger seats down to the front. An exhibition she did not anticipate. A little later she grumbled, called the driver filthy names and without paying she got off.

MONEY-SAVING. This is not all about the term mamukong (a word for anyone who intentionally rides without paying). It is about saving a small amount supposed to be for fare in a moral and honest way. Read this:

A friend and I happened to occupy the front seats--which we were not actually used to-- of a Colon bound jeepney. Amidst a solid jam of cars in a busy afternoon, we talked of places we have been to, memories we cherish, family origins and old generations. In the middle of a revealing tete-a-tete, the driver interrupted with statements about his personal life. He asked questions, traced two generations of my fathers family name. There was sorting out of family trees, which eventually led to the conclusion that we were relatives, not that close though. He then talked of life and how he managed to cope, and how he supported his family with his little earnings from his being a full-time jeepney driver. A moment later, we handed to him our fare but he insisted that we keep it.

I have never met someone who questioned me about what I do inside a PUJ, especially during boring trips. It sounds funny or strange huh, but I am hardly ever without something to do usually small things like singing the weeks top song, or watching the driver smokes under the NO SMOKING ordinance printed in bold letters on the jeep top or simply praying for the safety in travel.

I would sometimes make quite a big deal out of reading every bible passage, notes or even poems posted on the sides.

Ang jeep ay parang alkasiya, kaya ang ibigay niyo ay barya

I will always ride a Pasajero

Thank You. Ride Again

Load and unload on jeepney stop only

There were times I was more interested in keeping an eye on a baby sleeping on his mothers lap, or thinking about the risks those men hanging at the back could surely get into.

I have learned so many things in all my years of riding a jeepney alone. An unidentified youngster snatched a newly bought cap of mine while the jeep was on a stop: I would have to be always cautious and alert. A lady was left in shock when a man snatched her gold necklace while she was asleep: I should never put on expensive jewelry or anything valuable for watchful eyes to see - especially at night. I learned the rights of a disabled person, the right to access to any public utility vehicles.

Well, these are the things I best remember. To those coming from far-flung provinces and still orienting themselves in riding one of the coolest transports in the city, be not worried. Inside a PUJ you are safe and free unless the driver is reckless, or you are seated beside a holdupper, or a CITOM tells you Sir, come down. You have been caught for jay walking.


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According to stats, an estimated 26.6 million people worldwide were afflicted by Alzheimer's in 2006 and this number may quadruple by 2050. Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is an incurable, degenerative and terminal disease. The cause and progression of Alzheimer's disease are not well understood, and scientists are continuously researching and finding the right treatment for AD.

There is a health organization that leads the way to more Alzheimer's research, care and support: the Alzheimer's Association. The mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

The cause of the Alzheimer's Association is worthy of our support. Let us support the organization by participating in their awareness events. They need volunteers of all ages to become champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. Join the Alzheimer's Memory Walk and help raise public awareness and funds. There are walks in more than 600 communities. A typical Memory Walk is a 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning in the fall.

Let us all walk with a purpose!

About Memory Walk
The Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk, nationally presented by Genworth Financial, is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research programs. Held annually in hundreds of communities across the country, this inspiring event calls on volunteers of all ages to become Champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. Champions include those living with the disease, families, caregivers, and corporate and community leaders. Americans who have participated in these walks have raised more than $200 million.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk
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This is one of the best gadgets you can take with you on your trip - the IPEVO USB Handset for Skype. It is tailor-made for the Skype experience. Whenever you want to call your family while you're on the road, just connect the IPEVO USB Handset to your laptop and dial.

Since its Launch, the FREE.1's slim and compact design has received numerous international design awards and recognitions, including 2006 iF Product Design Awards, 2006 Reddot Design Award, 2006 Good Design Award (G-mark), Honorable Mention in I.D. Magazine's 52nd Annual Design Review, as well as Engadget's Pick for Peripheral of the Year for the 2005 Engadget Awards.

IPEVO FREE.1 is the first USB handset that is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OSX. (Windows Vista driver is also available)

IPEVO USB Handset for Skype - Buy New for $29.07 from Amazon Store. Shop securely from Amazon.


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Traveling without your dearest along is not easy. Aside from the feeling of aloneness when you suddenly remember him/her, even if you had just left the house a minute ago, you just need someone to cuddle with every now and then: cuddle at the airport lounge, cuddle while watching a football game in your hotel room, cuddle while in the plane, cuddle inside the car, and just about anywhere you need a warm hug from a loved-one.

There are benefits of cuddling. It is a therapy. It is a natural expression of showing that you love and care. By cuddling and caressing you feel secure. But we don’t get this often, do we?

In situations when you travel alone sans the human blanket you need, bring along with you something that could offer you the same benefits as your partner’s hug. Introducing the Cabin Cuddler! It is a travel blanket that is different from the rest. It is a 6 in 1 blanket with a foot pocket and shoulder wrap that will keep you warm on airplane trips, car rides, airport lounges, hotel rooms, or anywhere you are.

Forget about getting a stiff neck when you fall asleep while waiting for your next flight. The Cabin Cuddler will cuddle your neck gently as it transforms into a pillow.

Since it is very versatile travel item, it can be used in more ways than one -- for camping, other outdoor events, all forms of travel, and relaxing at home. It can even become a stadium seat!

The blanket is fully washable, fleece-lined, and pill-resistant.

So worry not when lovey-dovey sweety-pie couldn’t be with you for the cuddle you need. Take the Cabin Cuddler with you and get the same therapeutic intervention.
Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler
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Switched.com highlighted 5 travel gadgets that would come in handy.

These are the creme of the crop. They are slim and slip into your pocket easily!


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According to DigiTimes, the 10.2" mini-notebook, ASUS N10, will be available in September 2008.
Asus is preparing to launch this notebook with a 10.2 inch display, an Intel Atom CPU, and hard drives with up to 320GB of storage capacity. It will be part of the Asus N-series, instead of having the name Eee PC.

Features/Specifications of the Asus N10 - 10.2" mini-notebook.
CPU - 1.6GHz Intel Atom
Storage - 80GGB to 320GB
Operating System - Windows Vista
Connectivity - WiFi, Ethernet, card reader, and 3 USB ports, VGA output
Webcam - yes
Colors - Black and Silver
Price - $477 - $637?
Wait for more information about this new Asus N-series laptop.


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If there is one city that I will recommend for everyone to visit, be it for mere fun or romantic getaways, it must be Boston Massachusetts.

What is there in Boston that makes me smile all the time in excitement? The answer; everything - so many things to do in Boston. Boston is a very historic city, also being the cultural center of the entire New England region.

I love the city the first time I saw it. Very romantic, the city was the site of many U.S. firsts, such as America's first public school, Boston Latin School (1635), and first college, Harvard College (1636), in neighboring Cambridge. Boston was also home to the first subway system in the United States.

If you want to visit Boston, here are some places you need to visit: Museum of Fine Arts, Plymouth Historic Cemetery, Salem Witch Museum, Plymouth Twilight Ghost, Boston Lighthouse, New England Aquarium and IMAX, and so much more.

For your family Boston tours, contact Trusted Tours & Attractions - just to be certain your vacation time is spent wisely by visiting only the best tours, attractions and museums that Boston has to offer! The site also offers online travel guides.

Trusted Tours & Attractions has a special promotion now. Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America. Check out Knotts berry farm tickets.

Are you planning your next vacation? Looking for ideas on what to do? Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate - Offer ends August 31st, 2008.

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Intel unveiled a new iteration of its Classmate Tablet PC today, featuring a touch screen mode, a new wedge design, and motion-sensing internal hardware. Intel’s press release says:
“Our ethnographic research has shown us that students responded well to tablet and touch screen technology,” Ibrahim added. “The creativity, interactivity and user-friendliness of the new design will enhance the learning experiences for these children. This is important for both emerging and mature markets where technology is increasing being seen as a key tool in encouraging learning and facilitating teaching.”

Watch the Classmate PC video after the jump.

Intel Classmate 8.9″ Tablet PC features/specifications:
The touch-enabled Classmate will feature an 8.9″ screen with a built-in webcam that can swivel 180 degrees. It will also feature the latest Atom processor from Intel, allowing the Classmates to see a 50% performance increase over previous generations with Celeron M processors and up to 6.5 hours of battery life (the Celeron model is being phased out across the board as supplies of Atom processors increase). It also features palm-reject, so that kids can write and draw naturally with their palms resting on the screen.

According to Christopher Dawson's technology blog, the tablet-enabled Classmates will be available at the end of the year.


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Another small laptop to look forward to, this time coming from DELL. It's the DELL Inspiron 910 - 8.9 inch laptop.
Dell Inspiron 910 UMPC is actually a new name for the anticipated Dell Mini Inspiron aka Dell E.

According to gizmodo.com, the DELL Inspiron 910 will support SSDs up to 16GB and has what looks to be very moddable internals (large Phillips-head screws hold that SSD in place). The system will go on sale on August 22nd — but the $299 starting price is still not confirmed.

You can click the image below to view the DELL Inspiron 910, 8.9" laptop specifications.


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I love the LnT site. Didn't I tell you that Linens 'n Things is the place to shop for your linen needs whether they are for your beds, kitchen, or bathroom? And they not only provide you with linen choices, but also allow you to purchase these quality products at easy and affordable prices. LnT just seems to have everything I need.

When I shop online, I normally exhaust every opportunity there is to get discounts. Call me cheap, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Coupons will sometimes make the difference between buying or not buying. In a time when the economy is weak, who doesn't need an extra saving?

That's why I never get embarrassed by using coupons, online or offline. Big companies make coupons available for customers, then why shouldn’t we use them?

Linens 'n Things offers lots of hot deals. If you are into full array of top-quality bedding, towels, kitchenware, and home decorating items, you might want to check the their coupon list before purchasing anything online.

If your up to LnT coupons, coupons abound too. Imagine you can save up to 20% off the regular price. That's a lot of savings when we talk of spending hundreds online for new stuff!

Use coupons. You can check out savings.com for list of stores and the numerous coupon codes available for your needed item.

Enjoy shopping!
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Bisayang Dako (Bisdak) jokes are mostly green, don't you notice it? I would suggest not to take each seriously, besides that is what jokes are all about -- more "green", much "funnier".

Here is a set of Bisaya/Cebuano/Bisdak/Visayan (what ever you call it) jokes to cheer up your day.

Ang bitin

Anak nakaabot sa ginikanan nga nag-iyot.
Anak: Ma, nganong gilingkoran man na nimo ang atubangan ni Papa?
Inahan: Naa man goy bitin Dong, akong patyon.
Anak: Mas isog si Yaya Ma, iyang gikaon ang bitin.

Large nga kondom

Bayot: Miss, naa moy large nga kondom?
Tindera: Naa man, pilay imo?
Bayot: Aw, di ko mopalit. Maghuwat-huwat lang ko og naay mopalit.

Kabaho ka?

Duha ka bayot, nanglakaw sa Colon.
Darna: Yadz, kabaho ka?
Ding: Unsa man yadz woi?
Darna: Karon ba? (dayong lihok-lihok sa iyang simod) Bahong utin woi!
Ding: Ako yadz woi… mitug-ab! Kivirr!!!


Managtiayon nag-away, nagkasabot nga magbulag.
Asawa: Ako ang yuta!
Bana: Ako ang balay!
Asawa: Ako ang kotse!
Bana: Ako ang drayber!

Di diay ka mousab?

Babaye: Huhuhu, di na ko birhen. Imo kong gihilabtan, kaduha pa gyod!
Lalaki: Paghilom diha, kausa ra gani.
Babaye: Di na diay ko nimo usban?

Tapolan nga bata

Bana: Day, iniggawas ani ni Jr. ato ning padarohon.

Napulo na lang ka bulan…
Bana: Ga, ako na lang ning bulikaton ang imong bilat kay di man gyod mogawas si Jr.
Jr: Atay, kinsa man kunoy ganahan mogawas kon inyong padarohon!

Silence please!

Polis: Pagkadaghan man untag tawo sa library, nganong wa man ka mosinggit dihang gi-rape ka?
Gi-rape: Dako man god kaayo ang sign nga “Silence Please” Sir!

Unya na

Alas nuybe…
Bana: Sige na Ga.
Asawa: Unya na god.

Alas dose…
Bana: Sige na Ga.
Asawa: Unya na god.

Alas tres…
Bana: Sa mosugot kag sa dili Ga, ibton ko na ning akoa kay mopahulay na ko!

Unsa, ATM?

Bana: Ga mag-iyot ta.
Asawa: Paghilom diha daghan na baya tag anak.
Bana: Ayaw kabalaka ako lang widrohon.
Asawa: A, unsay pagtuo nimo sa akong bilat, ATM?

Sabaw-sabaw lang usa

Dihay nanglili sa ilawom sa balay. Si Inday gihubo ang panty ug nangihi sa salog nga kawayan. Si Ondoy gisalo ang ihi ni Inday sa usa ka baso unya gihumol ang iyang utin ug miingon, “Sabaw-sabaw lang sa ta karon kay wala may karne.”

Read and laugh more. There are more jokes here.


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Searching where to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympic basketball games free online? Replays of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Basketball games via NBC are actually shown in their entirety.  If you are looking for video replays of the USA basketball team against other teams, NBC.com is the answer.

NBC Olympics.com offers replays of most all the Olympic Basketball games, including the schedule for both Mens and Womens.  Here are the direct links on some Olympic basketball games available.  You can visit NBC for more.

August 10: USA vs. China Replay (Replay Now)
August 10: Australia vs. Croatia Replay (Replay Now)
August 12: Croatia vs. Russia Replay (Replay Now)
August 12: Greece vs. Germany Replay (Replay Now)
August 12: Angola vs. USA Replay (Replay Now)
August 12: Argentina vs. Australia Replay (Replay Now)
August 14: Germany vs. Spain Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: Australia vs. Iran Replay (Replay Now)
August 14: Angola vs. China Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: Australia vs. Russia Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: Croatia vs. Lithuania Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: Argentina vs. Iran Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: China vs. Germany Replay (Replay Now)
August 16: USA vs. Spain Replay (Replay Now)


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Summer is still raging hot and if you are craving the lively family vacation you have been promising the kids, visit the New Jersey waterparks. Two of the hottest water parks, built on separate piers, are there.

Raging Waters, for instance, located on the boardwalk at Morey's Pier, is the most popular water park in New Jersey with over 50 water slides, 1100 foot long endless river, an interactive water play area, and 5,000 square feet of a pirate adventure.

Morey's Piers doesn't offer water parks amusement alone. A thousand and one fun-filled activities are also provided. Check out the amusement rides! There is the Surfside Pier that combines kiddie rides and thrill rides and one famous boardwalk fun and food. There's the Mariner's Landing Pier that offers some of the best rides and concessions that Morey's Piers has to offer! What about the Adventure Pier? True to its name, the Adventure Pier is full of family-fun and memories.

Morey’s Piers is also a great place for a "New Jersey Vacation". You can visit Morey’s Piers website to find hotels and motels in the Wildwood area. As a New Jersey vacation traveler, you can find lodging on the popular Jersey Shore by staying on the Wildwood Boardwalk, the perfect location for your family beach vacation.

You can also check out the weekly specials, you might want to lavish yourself with fun prizes during your visit.

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