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What is a merchant account?

Merchant account is a deal under which an acquiring bank extends a line of credit to a merchant who wants to accept payment card transactions of a particular card brand. Without such a deal or contract, a person cannot accept payments by any of the major credit card brands.

So if you have an business offer online, no matter how good the price offer or alluring the advertising, if consumers are not comfortable with the way you handle their financial transactions, or the payment options you offer, they'll go elsewhere. Online customers are now comfortable in credit card payments. If you own a website intended for selling stuff, then apply for a merchant account.

If you are unable to get a merchant account with your bank, consider non-banking institutions. Try OnlineChecks. Their best merchant services are well worth the money. Good service can mean the difference between an efficiently operating merchant account that makes things trouble-free for you, and discovering yourself spending more time resolving problems than actually making the bucks.

OnlineChecks provide merchant accounts and is a company that is vested in your success as a merchant. No fees, no contracts, and a free credit card machine, if you try now.


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