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0 comments | Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wanna avail of an auto service contract to do away with untimely and expensive repairs? Have you been dumbfounded when your mechanic tells you how much it will cost to fix your car? In situations like this, most drivers turn to auto warranty.

Auto warranties are typically a promise to pay a repair facility to replace or fix a covered part and/or component that has failed or worn beyond the auto manufacturer's tolerances.

What do you need to know in auto warranty?

1. Know what things it covers - Does it cover things like parts and oil changes? What about the tires, brakes and the body work?
2. Know what to do to avail the services that it covers - Know where you will need to go to avail these services. Will there be any fee and what happens if you don’t go to the right place?
3. Know about the auto warranty expiration date - Sometimes it has this. You might be able to increase that amount of time by purchasing a warranty extension.

Thus, avoid such lump sum expenses, get an auto warranty.


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