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1 comments | Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last night the city of Brookings was almost covered with fog.
I wasn't able to sleep until 3AM because my eyes simply refused to. To make the hours worthwhile, I turned off the TV and started a little project - a Christmas lantern. Wohooo! It was the first lantern I've made for my new home here in the USA. Didn't I tell you that I used to participate in my hometown's (Argao) annual Lantern Making Contest way, way, way, back then when I didn't care of just getting 20 pesos as a prize? Anyway, I had fun. Had there been a Hall of Fame award, I could have gotten it for winning the first prize three years in a row.

Back to Brookings. On my way to church this morning, I had my camera tagged with me. With a bit of sunshine and the snow covering the ground, each site I laid my eyes on was spectacular.

The snow-flaky twigs of the bushes amazed me as much as the evergreens that stayed green amidst the snowy conditions.

This collection of snow pictures in Brookings is the best so far in my very-amateur photographer's portfolio.

See the photos in my gallery.

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Anonymous Anah said...

Wow, ang ganda ng winter photos! Salamat sa pag share. Oo nga pala. Advance Merry Christmas. :)


December 18, 2007 12:36 PM


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