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0 comments | Friday, December 07, 2007

I don't have anything interesting to post for now other than this. I am posting a puzzle, actually a very easy one. It is the cookie-jar puzzle. Or maybe it should be termed as Math and Logic cookie-jar puzzle.

Here it goes:
A cookie jar costs a dollar more than a cookie. Together they cost $1.10. How much does the cookie jar cost and how much does the cookie cost?

[Think first...If you feel like giving up, answer is given after the jump]

Are you part of the majority that tend to say that the cookie jar costs $1 and the cookie costs 10c? Think again. If your answer is this, then the condition that the cookie jar costs a dollar more than a cookie, is not satisfied. In that case the jar would cost only 90c more than the cookie ($1 - 10c = 90c).

The right answer is that the jar costs $1.05 and the cookie costs 5c; now this makes exactly a dollar difference between the jar and the cookie.

Hope you enjoy it.

More puzzles next time.



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