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0 comments | Friday, December 21, 2007

Why do I blog? I have already answered this question long time ago in one of my posts entitled "Stop Blogging". One of the answers I highlighted was "To have an outlet for the persisting writer in me."
Indeed, by being so persistent, I survived one year of blogging (read the 156 things I did). Since I am 88% addicted to blogging, I came up with a Blue-Blooded-Blogger (BBB) badge to show my passion and love for blogging and everything related to it. The badge has now been linked and used by many bloggers around the world.

But the most important reason that I wrote was this: To realize that this information superhighway can be educational and inspirational at the same time. In the instances that I blog-hop, I, more often than not, would land on blogs that speak of hope and the will to live. There are many of them and they make me smile and they inspire me and they push me to better my blog.

I would want to specifically mention the Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal. You might want to know that the author of this very heart-warming blog is the wife of one of my professors. According to her profile, she loves writing and literature, and her passion quite revolves around them.

Originally from Brazil, Ana, was the first person from South Dakota who told me something like this: So this is the guy, the renowned blogger from the Philippines. Blushing from hearing those words at that very first moment I was introduced to her in a party, I simply smiled while at the back of my mind I was thinking how she ever knew about the existence of my blog.

Those words from her got stuck in me. Somehow, the thought of being appreciated by someone whom I wasn't familiar with yet read my posts, serves as an inspiration to go on blogging.

What I like about her blog is her dedication to her family (she has 7 kids) that radiates in her every post. She is also a devout Catholic and I am quite certain we share the same religious principles.

I will never be tired doing these - posting every now and then, reading other blogs, appreciating other bloggers' efforts, and inspiring readers by sharing my perceptions of just about anything under the sun.

If you want to read more of Ana's thoughts, proceed here.



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