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0 comments | Sunday, December 23, 2007

With all the toys being recalled these days, which one is safer? If you aren't finished yet buying toys as gifts, EcoWaste has given out some guidelines for consumers buying toys as Christmas gifts.

• Choose toys that match the age, interest, aptitude and skill of the intended recipient, avoiding inappropriate toys that may pose safety risks to younger children;

• Check the warning labels and instructions — particularly the age and safety recommendations, which should be clear to you and, when suitable, to the child;

• Examine the label to know if the toy does not contain toxic chemicals such as lead, PVC and other harmful substances that can trigger adverse health effects;

• Avoid toys with small or loose parts that can easily fall out and be swallowed, thus posing a fatal choking hazard. Look for sturdy toys made of non-breakable materials;

• Check if the toy’s cords or strings are not too long because overly long cords may entrap the child’s neck and cause strangulation;

• Stay away from toys with sharp edges and points that can cause lacerations, contusions and abrasions;

• Avoid excessively loud toys with no volume control. These can damage the sensitive hearing of children; and

• Keep toys’ plastic wrappings, foam peanuts or paper strips away from children to prevent choking or aspiration.



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