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0 comments | Sunday, February 03, 2008

She doesn't read my blogs. If she does, damn, should I regret ever writing this!

No way that I would give up the pleasure of writing whatever I want or feel like. I just want to remind the readers that I don't have the intention to humiliate anyone, really. It is just that sometimes I feel my privacy being intruded. I will understand if a kid does it to me, but by an adult...it is just not right.

Michelle Herrick used to study language and culture in Senegal, West Africa. I learned about it when I googled her name. Try it, and the first few results point to her. This lady finished journalism degree at the South Dakota State University.

Herrick maybe has no proper breeding (Sorry, that is my viewpoint. Sure, you can always prove me wrong)! Whatever etiquette this lady has might just be so insignificant that she, herself, cannot even tell the difference between right and wrong.

It is wrong to barge in a house that is not yours or you never rented. I do not know how many times she has been doing it. Last week, while I was eating dinner, she came inside the house that I rented for almost a year now together with 3 other friends. I believe Michelle Herrick knows one of my housemates. Personally, I do not know this lady. At first I thought one of my friends just arrived, so I didn't mind at first. Only to find out in the end that an intruder has entered uninvited. After seeing me and one of my housemates surprised, she uttered "I could have called first".

What?! You could have just knocked on the door! Or don't you know what a doorbell is? What you did lady was a clear definition of intrusion! You are breaking in someone else property. I could have reported it to the police. I could. That was last week.

I could have forgotten the incident (once is okay) had it not occurred again today. She did the same thing. Since my room was adjacent to the entrance door, I was so surprised to see her entered the door like a professional door breaker - like a thief tiptoeing, ready to steal the valuables.

She looks so friendly outside, maybe she really is, but she has the "intruder" attitude I cannot fathom. Her insides are stenching because of one improper attitude. I admit she is physically beautiful, or should I say gorgeous. But isn't real beauty from the inside? If only she had the proper "entrance" attitude, then she could be a perfect girl. Then I could probably appreciate her physical beauty all the more.

All I want is for her to develop the proper ethical code. Since she's not close to 4 of us but one, then she should knock first and acknowledge herself instead of intruding like she owned the house. She should realize that the people living in the house have different culture backgrounds (one is from Ukraine, another from Ethiopia, one is American and me from the Philippines). She might have considered her actions okay, but it is not for me. What she did was not acceptable in whichever way I look at it (well, in my culture at least).

So this is the moral lesson everyone - if you are already old enough to know what is right from wrong, then act like a professional. You should respect the rights of others, especially their private quarters, especially if you don't know them, especially if they are from another culture. That is my damn point. Will you please?!



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