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0 comments | Monday, January 28, 2008

This is my first time to hear such words - Sedona Method.

Sedona Method is a self-help technique developed by a physicist and successful entrepreneur Lester Levenson after a serious heart attack nearly ended his life. Lester regained his health and attributed his renewed positive outlook to a process of self-inquiry of one's beliefs and related emotions.

The process is designed to examine any emotion that one is experiencing and then "let it go" or release it in the moment. The basic premise is that all emotions naturally come and go out of experience unless one resists them.

The Sedona Method is sweeping the planet. A lot of good testimonies have been shared at how this unique, elegant, simple-to-master and very powerful tool uncovers the natural ability to "let go" of painful, unwanted, counterproductive feelings.

I tried to search for more examples of the amazing benefits the tool can achieve. Here are a few:

* Let Go of Anger
* Rapidly Improve Your Relationships
* Achieve Your Greatest Career Goals
* Eliminate Stress for GOOD
* Release Yourself from Guilt and Low Self Esteem
* Find Inner Peace and Nurture Your Spirituality
* Achieve Your Financial Goals and Experience Financial Abundance
* Stop Overeating and Finally Achieve the Health and Fitness You Desire
* Experience Boundless Energy & Be a Sound Sleeper
* Let Go of Anxiety & Fear
* Free Yourself from the Grips of Depression Forever
* End Bad Habits and Overcome Serious Addictions

Get your own dose of happiness set point. Try The Sedona Method. You can read actress Mariel Hemingway’s moving story of how she overcame emotional pain and fear with the Sedona Method.


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