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0 comments | Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am so unsuccessful with flying. Every time I fly for holidays, my flight is most of the time, if not always, delayed. I am not only saying about an hour delay, but two hours or more.

My flight to Chicago, Illinois for my long-awaited Christmas vacation was delayed for more than two hours. I could only blame it to the bad weather. Coming to the airport, my ride was bothered by a snow storm. My friend and I had to slow down our speed as we witnessed few cars swerving to the sides and got stuck on the piles of snow.

Why should the snow storm be on this day that I am leaving? The last time I traveled, the flight was delayed due to a stormy weather as well. It was even summer that time and I couldn’t believe that Chicago could be visited by a storm on a beautiful summer month.

Writing this post while taking comfort on the hard floor of the waiting lounge of gate 7, I couldn’t help but notice the tens of people also stuck and becoming impatient of this annoying delay. Come to think of it, it is the evening of December 25th and we are all in the airport hoping to spend the few more hours of Christmas with friends and family. But as we see it now, it might not happen any moment.

What a Christmas evening it has been!



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