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0 comments | Friday, September 05, 2008

A quick googling will reveal the top search results that the world's longest beach is Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. It has a length of 120 km. There is another site that says the longest beach is in California. However, wikipedia says that it is not Cox's Bazar, but the beach in Brazil known as Praia do Cassino that holds the record of having the longest beach in the world of about 250 km.
Praia do Cassino beach is located adjacent to the city of Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Approximately 254 km long, it stretches from the Molhes (stone barrier built into the ocean separating the beach from the entrance to the Rio Grande seaport) in Cassino beach to nearly ChuĂ­, on the border with Uruguay.

Look at the image and you'd be amazed not to see the end of the beach, like it just stretches to infinity.

Other long beaches around the world: Fraser Island beach, 90 Mile Beach in Australia and 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand (88 km) and Long Beach, Washington (which is about 40 km). Wasaga Beach, Ontario on Georgian Bay claims to have the world's longest freshwater beach.

Info source: wiki
Note: Photo taken online.



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