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0 comments | Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dell has to compete, with the emergence of ultra-portable, ultra-light laptops in the market today, by releasing its own 8.9-inch Dell Inspiron 910 or Mini Inspiron 9.
Leaks on the details on the device and the launching have been circulating online.

According to the site Gizmodo, Inspiron 910 will have these features/specifications:

- Solid-state drives up to 16 GB
- Weighs as little as 2.2 pounds
- Runs either Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP
- 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor
- Up to 1 GB of memory
- 8.9-inch screen
- Three USB 2.0 ports
- Wi-Fi support
- A built-in camera

Availability of Dell Inspiron 910 could be as early as Thursday, this week. Is it true that the price tag is just $299?

See other ultra-portable laptops on the sidebar for comparison.



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