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0 comments | Monday, February 18, 2008

Hair loss can be seen as a natural occurrence. But significant hair loss can happen even at a young age, which is sometimes embarrassing for men.

If you suffer from hair loss and thinning hair, you may not be alone. But why be part of the statistics? Why suffer from this embarrassing situation when there is a scientific breakthrough for hair loss treatment that will stop hair loss, and even help regrow hair and reverse the hair loss process?

It is the state-of-the-art Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It is a form of biostimulation which occurs when laser light is absorbed by tissue and leads to increased blood flow to the area. Increases in blood flow naturally lead to an increase in the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. This in turn stimulates the rejuvenation of hair. LLLT has no negative side effects.

Benefits of LLLT:
* Rehabilitation of damaged and dormant hair follicles.
* Stoppage of excessive hair loss.
* Improvement of hair shaft quality.
* Thicker, shinier, and easier to manage hair.
* Relief from itchy scalp conditions such a psoriasis, seborrhoreic, and itchy scalp.
* Normalization of sebum production in cases of overactivity /scalp greasiness,
* Reduction of pore clogging and prevention of enlarged sebaceous gland formulation.
* Reduction of excess levels of skin 5-alpha reductase
and dihydrotestoterone (DHT). These hormones contribute to the
genetic thinning of hair.
* Relief from tight, tender scalp.
* Reversal of the negative effects of chemical perming.
* Salon chemical services are greatly enhanced and hair color will be more vivid, resist fading , and last longer.
* LLLT has also been shown to be an effective adjunct
therapy for pre-and post-hair transplant procedures.

LLLT is offered by the Aventi Laser Therapy. Visit aventihair.com for a successful therapy for hair loss for men.


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