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1 comments | Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, how could we possibly evolve like a tree, changing year to year and blooming anew? It is so difficult at times to go out in situations we have tied ourselves upon for so many years and to shape into something better. We call them attachments — extra things that need to be loosened and withdrawn. We have to accept that we will never grow in many aspects of life with worthless things we are bringing with us along.
We need to unfasten the old corroded screws and replace it with silvery beaming ones. We must try harder and work hardest to say NO when it is time to say NO. If we have to live with these attachments, we would be put someday in a situation we would regret for the rest of my lives.

We may have failed a lot than won in real-life battles we've been through, but each fall might be a win in some way, an added strength to make us endure and fight other battle where losing must not be an option. If we give up, we would never see ourselves fresh and glowing anew. We must believe that in every experience of spiritual brokenness in life, a purpose is also laid open. The purpose might be something we may not realize in the beginning when the clouds are dark still. It might take sometime when the sun is out and the clouds are clear to see that the purpose of letting go is not for disintegration but for seeing beyond self, towards real bounty, towards true happiness.

Just like the falling of the leaves: trees' sacrifice in order to see youthful covers and to shape new horizons again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if 2 people are meant for each other it doesn't mean that they're meant for each other now , do you concur? lol

February 19, 2008 6:33 AM


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