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0 comments | Friday, February 15, 2008

If every second left means saving your life or someone else' life, then why waste the time? Get that emergency flight as soon as you can.

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* Complete supply of respiratory equipment: Oxygen, Facial masks, Nasal Cannulas, Tracheotomy Mask, Esophageal Obturators, Respirator, Ambu-Bag.
* Heart Monitor/Defibrillator
* Suction
* Emergency Drug Kit
* IV Solutions and Infusion Sets
* Infusion Pump
* Any Special Equipment the Patient Needs.

It might be a little crazy to know that there is an ambulance on air. But there is indeed. In an Air Ambulance flight, on board are registered nurses, respiratory therapists and registered flight paramedics.

There is nothing to worry about experience. They have been giving quality care since 1984. There clients include social workers, senators, governors and the United States Marshall Service.

They also have good price offers for clients. They are sometimes able to save their clients up to 40% off the cost of the private air ambulance service, while still providing expert medical attention with a flight nurse on board a commercial flight.


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