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0 comments | Friday, February 22, 2008

Everyone needs this - students and professionals alike. This is my second MS Excel tip for the day. Introducing the Excel keyboard shortcuts!

Shortcuts when navigating around Excel:

Switch between worksheets - CTRL-PageUp/CTRL-PageDown

Switch between workbooks - CTRL-Tab

Go to the end of a contiguous range - CTRL-Arrow keys

Highlight a contiguous range - SHIFT-CTRL-Arrow keys

Select entire worksheet - CTRL-A

Go To - F5

Change zoom sizing - Alt-V-Z

Hide the selected rows - CTRL+9

Unhide the selected rows - CTRL+SHIFT+(

Hide the selected columns - CTRL+0

Unhide the selected columns - CTRL+SHIFT+)

Highlight entire row - SHIFT+SPACEBAR

Highlight entire column - CTRL+SPACEBAR

Insert a comment - SHIFT+F2

Spell Check - F7

There will be more Excel Shortcuts soon.


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