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2 comments | Friday, January 18, 2008

I used to live in a house where people just come and go, never cared much of others lives and just enjoy living each day to the mind-your-own-business thing. Though we get to talk at times but the closeness didn't utter something special like the one we could declare as friendship.
I had quite a number of friends. Few, I considered real ones, the remaining were mere acquaintances. Finding these few did not take a lot of thinking or choosing or getting used to each others lifestyles or going out together. It only took a little sensitivity plus a little humor for a great bonding.

My friends were those ordinary guys and gals I encountered on the first day of classes, or out of town seminars, or at the workplace. They were those who effortlessly clicked in most aspects of my character, the first jamming together.

Way back in college, I was in the right barkada, I say. You know, a good company that helped me went through all my endeavors. They were the kind whose idea of a gimmick was not staying overnight at a drinking station on schooldays. They hated to break dormitory rules and were afraid to climb up the fence on early mornings because the gate was closed for curfew. Most importantly, they had plans of graduating on time together with everyone in the batch.

The friendship often evolved over simple pastimes, like enjoying hearty laughs over bottles of soda while watching movies in the VCR. We could be contented of just playing "chikitsa" the whole day. Yet at times we could be eccentric as to watch three to four movies in a day in our favorite mall. Whenever we "morning the weekend night", I could only wish the fun would never leave off.

We had this habit of mixing fun in everything we do. This, probably, the best reason why problems never scared the heavens out of us even if the burden weighed more than we could even handle. There were always good jokes and smiles geared to cover up a day of stress and to mask out whatever worry there was. Expect that in big parties, everyone would get a dose of laughter and immense fun in the air, when the groups present.

We did get serious sometimes and talk with a little sobriety. We talked of how we managed to survive the adversities our respective families encountered. One shared how his father vanished in a sea mishap when he was still young and how he survived each night without his fathers care. Another thoughtfully related the sacrifices his mother had in raising all five of them and sending them to school. More often than not, in these somber moments, we found ourselves holding a tear or two in our eyes. Nevertheless, those steps in our lives, we started to know little by little more of each other and opened up things we thought were very hard to share.

Many things kept us much and much stronger through the years. We had a strong trust in each one that we found so much amazing. Whenever we realized someone deserved applause for a good job, we never failed to acknowledge it. Giving good compliments even to the smallest things helped us mold our self-confidence.

But all those were memories of the past. These days I am missing all of them their concern and friendly care. I am all the time lonesome each minute I recollect the jamming we once had. And there are still a couple or so reasons to really be desolate. One, I am not getting the same feeling of importance now compared to what I used to feel before. Second, I surely am missing all the fun and excitement. Most importantly I am yearning for the moment when we had to pray for our families and friends and for a happy life.

Life for me presently is a bit empty in terms of close friends and deep sharing of thoughts about life, its ups and downs, and other sensitive personal issues only friends should know. Despite the absence of friends on my side, life must not be put to a still. After all, the traces of good times I had with them and the values learned are there to keep me inspired each step of the way and will constantly be there when I wish to look back.



Blogger caca said...

reading your post made me think of old friends. my journey with them and the journey now that i don't have most of them. it's a mystery for me, who stays and who doesn't. there are a couple of really favored ones that i wanted to keep but had to let go for some (major) reasons.

i am now starting to make new friends. i still miss my old ones. maybe someday i'll chance upon them, yeah maybe.

January 19, 2008 1:49 AM

Blogger talksmart said...

i guess friends are always there even how many times life has to go on...

January 23, 2008 1:26 AM


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