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1 comments | Friday, January 18, 2008

I have always been complaining about my room office not having enough windows. There is just one window that is placed so high that you have to stand on the table to reach it. Problem is, the window has its own mood that it won't open at times.

I love windows. I love to look out the window during idle moments. Normally, when I ponder on things, I stare at the horizon and ideas just come in bounty. When I am in the office, my mind gets easily tired since I cannot just think of new things for reasons like the absence of windows. Exactly. I need windows for happy living!

There is one thing I need to do when I own a house sooner. Make big windows, like the Dutch houses with big, glass windows all over. This way I could enjoy the sun on summer and the snow scene on winter. When I am away, my windows should be covered with quality window coverings, like shutters. I love this Bi-fold shutter as it gives me the clearest outside view as the louvers can tilt when the panels are stacked to one side.

Ah, I am thinking too much on windows. Let me buy a house first.


Blogger honey said...

The last part made me smile..

January 22, 2008 6:00 AM


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