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0 comments | Friday, September 21, 2007

It has been many weeks since our last get-together. Last weekend, in some twist of fate, I enjoyed free food served on plates of sweet Filipino smiles and fun. Ate Gina invited few of us to her house for a dinner of pakbet [thanks to Cel], bagoong, fried fish, and few other dishes I didn't even know the names. Frankly, I came there to eat and, no matter what's being served, I was there to eat. LOL.
It was Ping's first attendance. He is the newest Filipino student in town. Bisdak, as he came from Davao, I am glad I don't have to speak Tagalog all the time. I admit, it is a burden sometimes finding the right Tagalog terms when I communicate with most of the Filipinos here. Speaking Bisaya is my forte. Call me a pure Bisdak at heart!
Filipino gatherings are always worth attending!

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