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0 comments | Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This post has long been overdue. The past weeks were more of home-office-home for me. Many things to do in so short a time that I have forgotten [or almost] to blog about the Filipino Potluck in Watertown, South Dakota.
As usual, as was with my ates and mamas [they love it when I address them with those]. The potluck is an annual event that is organized by a couple living in Watertown. Filipinos bring their own food and share it to everyone. Well, that is the concept of a potluck, isn't it? This year, the event was held on the first Saturday of September.
It wasn't as big as the one held in Sioux Falls last July 2007. There were just about 50 people, including quite a number of kids and teens. Honestly, I didn't see a single gorgeous lady, so I was left wondering in a corner where the Filipino-American ladies were.

The whole time I was seated alone. True. I was just on the sofa with my sunglasses on and stole few moments napping. Few Filipinos thought I was a Mexican guy who was lost in some Filipino gathering. Ha Ha Ha.
Food was superb. There was a big lechon on the table [yes, that crispy roasted pig lying flat on its belly on the table]. Whoever prepared it, bravo! Aside from the various types of fried rice - golden, not so golden, with meat, without meat - there were a lot of tasty dishes too. A friend of mine brought kare-kare. The moment I tasted it, I had my mouth watering for more. Bravo to her too! Guess what I brought. Myself. Only myself. I was there to eat their food, that was my mission. LOL.
The day ended with stomachs full. Going home wasn't complete without the "bring house", a tradition so very Pinoy . I came home with packs of lechon and a sweet-and-sour beef, enough to last me a couple of meals.

Visit the gallery for more pictures of the Filipino Potluck in Watertown.

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