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4 comments | Saturday, September 15, 2007

With south winds blowing to about 20 mph and the weather commanding a 50-degree temperature in Fahrenheit scale (that's around 10 degrees celcius), the inauguration of the 19th President of South Dakota State University could have been a big disappointment for all. However, everything went just fine as planned.
The inauguration of David L. Chicoine (Chicoine is pronounced SHE'-kwihn) started on time at 1.30 PM at the outdoor Coolidge Sylvan Theatre. It was my first time to see the theater being used, although I constantly pass by it on my way to church.

Initially, I thought the outdoor theater isn't functional and that it only existed for landscaping purposes. To my amazement, today it looked so nice when guests were on the elevated greens and many others were watching from down below the sloping ground.

Trees surround the area and the way the platform was decorated was simple. Not even a streamer that says "Inaugural of the President" hanged somewhere. For wondering passersby, they had to ask to know what the occasion was all about.

Only the colors blue and yellow dominated the backdrop. These colors are significant to the university's historic culture.
I arrived just in time for the processional. I saw the former President, Peggy Gordon Miller. She already has a place in my heart. Almost all in academic attire or formal wear, I felt like an outsider with my black jogging pants and coat, white shirt, and a black-and-white cap. With no intention of staying longer than an hour [my attendance was aimed for this blog report alone], I stood under a tree nearby - about 20 meters or so away from the platform - and observed the event unfolded so quickly. Unlike in the Philippines where guest of honors deliver their speeches that take ages to finish, especially if politicians are involved, the spiel of each guest lasted for only few minutes. Even the speech of the Governor of the State of South Dakota, Michael Rounds, was brief yet sharp. Only the inaugural acceptance speech of Pres. Chicoine took a little longer, which was expected being the special honoree.

The audience listened to the illuminating talk of the President with dragonflies hovering their heads under the bright sunshine that tried to neutralize the coldness in the air. The world flags that aligned the pathways danced through the wind in a parallel direction. Of course, I looked for the Philippine flag and found it in the middle of the pack. I felt proud.
Nearing the end of the event, I silently tip-toed away. I heard the president spoke and am assured of more good things to come for the university.

Through the greens I walked towards home.
To the new President, David L. Chicoine, congratulations to you!

More photos here.

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Blogger Meg said...

Ooooh! A Philippine flag!

I feel proud whenever I see it here in the US. I want to hug it and say "This is the flag of my country, the Philippines, and I'm proud to be a Filipino!" :D

Are you an SDSU student? I'm an SDSU student but I'm attending classes in SDSM&T because Brookings is like, 4 hours away from here.

September 16, 2007 4:55 PM

Blogger talksmart said...

Hey Meg. Where are you exactly in the US? Yes, I am a student of SDSU - PhD student slash research assistant at the GIS Center of Excellence.

September 16, 2007 5:47 PM

Blogger Meg said...

I'm in Box Elder/Rapid City. We live near Ellsworth AFB. Did you get your BS/AB degree here, or in the Philippines?

September 16, 2007 11:12 PM

Anonymous talksmart said...

I had my BS in the Pinas.

I haven't been to Rapid City. I've heard it is a nice place.

September 19, 2007 5:11 PM


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