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0 comments | Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I know how to prepare the best Powerpoint (PPT) slide presentation having attended a lot of conferences in the Philippines and abroad. But, on a second thought, maybe I don't. I need to learn more.

Recently, I saw slides from presenters that won't even pass the most common requirement: readability. I think there was a mistake somewhere when the slides were graded highest and complimented profusely just because of the complex animations and colors.

I was seated at the back of the conference room and believe me, the texts were as minute as they could possibly get.

So what are the requirements for a good Powerpoint slide presentation? According to G.H., here are the basic requirements:

1. Use Arial boldface
2. Use 18-28 points, no all-capital texts
3. Avoid red-green combination
4. For the slide title: left-justify, maximum of 2 lines only, use 32-36 pts.
5. Keep items parallel, avoid sublists if possible
6. Include image in every slide
7. Limit the number of items on each slide
8. Use sentence headlines (not phrase as usually done)
9. Limit the lines to four on each slide (if possible)
10. Indent is better (not bullets)
11. Not so much animation

There you have it. Good luck on your preparations for a well-thought PPT slides.



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