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0 comments | Sunday, October 28, 2007

It was a night of pure fun. It was a night of dancing - first time that we did it inside the house. It was a salsa night, to be specific!
We invited lady friends to dance the night away with. Since it was a salsa night, we had the best salsa music to go along our Latin dancing moves.

My love for Latin music began the moment I had my first taste of merengue and salsa music when I lived in the Netherlands for two years. Influenced by Spanish friends, who couldn't stop themselves from visiting a Latin bar each week, I learned the tricks gradually. I observed how professional male dancers whooshed and whisked their lady partners to the fast rhythm of salsa and each step was something I wanted to learn.

In no time, I was on the dance floor with my constant tall, Dutch partner. I couldn't forget my first slip, of course. I could not forget the very first sensual Latin dance with a very sexy lady, as well. There were bad memories along the way, but the good memories brought much encouragement, even to this day.

Last night, I did apply few dance moves that I have almost forgotten. It was awesome to be able to swing once again and twist my partner in some unexpected turns. Yeah, twist the arms! I taught few of them the tricks and became an instant dance instructor. LOL.
I am not a good dancer, but I can dance. I can go where the music leads me to. Dancing can be learned, just like singing. If given the chance to further my dancing skills, I would love to focus on Latin dances. Once I become a pro, I'd take my crush to the center of the dance floor - guide her hands to my shoulders while I put mine to her hips.

Then expect something wonderful to happen next.

Photos of last night's salsa party is here.



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