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0 comments | Friday, November 02, 2007

Do you know the top 10 great American towns? These are the 10 best places to live in 2007. Are you living in any one of them?

1. Middleton, WISCONSIN
Small-town charm; booming economy; extensive parks and bike trails

Rich cultural and community opportunities; diversity

3. Louisville, COLORADO
Historic downtown; hiking and skiing

4. Lake Mary, FLORIDA
Big-economy jobs, small-town feel, no income tax

5. Claremont, CALIFORNIA
Tight-knit community with topnotch schools

6. Papillion, NEBRASKA
Outdoor recreation, growing local economy

Close to Boston; borders conservation land

8. Chaska, MINNESOTA
Quality jobs, a beautiful setting

9. Nether Providence (Wallingford), PENNSYLVANIA
Affordable homes, top-rated schools

10. Suwanee, GEORGIA
Green space, affordable housing

Source: cnn.com



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