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Lakaw is a journey is a step is a move. I love to travel around the world and this is my travel and travel gadget site. Welcome and Enjoy!

0 comments | Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have you been wondering if your large PowerPoint presentations could be compressed into smaller files without sacrificing quality? This has been a problem for many people who want to send PowerPoint (PPT) files via email.

There is a solution to this. PPTminimizer tool quickly compresses your large PowerPoint Presentations to a size that is manageable and can be easily sent as email attachments.
PPTminimizer reduces PowerPoint presentations by up to 96% of their initial size in seconds. Therefore there is no need to unzip the optimized files in order to work on them. The graphics and embedded objects are automatically and intelligently optimized. PPTminimizer is the perfect tool for every PowerPoint user. Mailboxes, servers and networks are relieved of unnecessary data, and presentation loading time is accelerated considerably.

The tool may cost you $30 but it is worth it. Try to download the PPTminimizer trial version and see it for yourself.

Read more about the PPTminimizer tool here.


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Here are two stories that were sent to me via email.
Case 1:
A little boy died because surgeons found ants in his brain! Apparently this boy had fell asleep with some sweets in his mouth or with some sweet stuff beside him. Ants soon got to him and some ants in fact crawled into his ear which somehow managed to go to his brain. When he woke up, he did not realize that ants had gone to his head.
After that, he constantly complains about itchiness around his face. His mother brought him to see a doctor but the doctor could not figure out what was wrong with him. He took an X-ray of the boy and to his horror, he found a group of live ants in his skull. Since the ants are still live, the doctor could not operate on him cuz the ants are constantly moving about.

The boy at last died. So please be careful when leaving food stuff beside your bed or when eating in bed. This might attract ants. Most importantly, NEVER eat a sweet before going to bed. You might fall asleep and suffer same fate as the little boy.

Case 2:
Another similar incident happened in the hospital in Taiwan. This man was warded in the hospital and was constantly warned by the nurses not to leave food stuff by his bedside for there are ants about. He did not head their advice. Ants finally got to him. His family members said that the man constantly complain about headaches. He died and a post mortem or autopsy was done on him. Doctors found a group of live ants in his head. Apparently, the ants had been eating bits of his brain.

Ughhhhhhh! So dear friends, better be safe than sorry! Never leave food stuff beside your side when you go to sleep!

The two cases of ants entering the human brain are big hoaxes! These stories are both fiction and classic urban legends. There are no documented cases of ants entering the brain, more so, living there.


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0 comments | Sunday, October 28, 2007

It was a night of pure fun. It was a night of dancing - first time that we did it inside the house. It was a salsa night, to be specific!
We invited lady friends to dance the night away with. Since it was a salsa night, we had the best salsa music to go along our Latin dancing moves.

My love for Latin music began the moment I had my first taste of merengue and salsa music when I lived in the Netherlands for two years. Influenced by Spanish friends, who couldn't stop themselves from visiting a Latin bar each week, I learned the tricks gradually. I observed how professional male dancers whooshed and whisked their lady partners to the fast rhythm of salsa and each step was something I wanted to learn.

In no time, I was on the dance floor with my constant tall, Dutch partner. I couldn't forget my first slip, of course. I could not forget the very first sensual Latin dance with a very sexy lady, as well. There were bad memories along the way, but the good memories brought much encouragement, even to this day.

Last night, I did apply few dance moves that I have almost forgotten. It was awesome to be able to swing once again and twist my partner in some unexpected turns. Yeah, twist the arms! I taught few of them the tricks and became an instant dance instructor. LOL.
I am not a good dancer, but I can dance. I can go where the music leads me to. Dancing can be learned, just like singing. If given the chance to further my dancing skills, I would love to focus on Latin dances. Once I become a pro, I'd take my crush to the center of the dance floor - guide her hands to my shoulders while I put mine to her hips.

Then expect something wonderful to happen next.

Photos of last night's salsa party is here.


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0 comments | Friday, October 26, 2007

I wanted to solve for the solar zenith angle and tried to search online on how to do it. It says that the solar zenith angle is the angle of sun away from vertical. Or it can be computed using the formula:

Solar zenith angle = 90 (degrees) - sun angle (angle above horizon)

One site has this equation:

Sun zenith angle = ( pi / 2 ) - (sun elevation angle, in radians)

Looking closely, the two equations are just the same. Next question is, what is the sun elevation angle?

I was lead to few sites that were very helpful. The sites provide a table of the altitude and azimuth of the Sun or Moon during a specific day, at a time interval that you specify. Cool huh!

Here are the sites I found:

1. The Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory

2. Geoscience Australia

3. More information here about Sun Angle, Axial Tilt and Solar Radiation at the Surface, Solar Radiation Flux to the Outside of the Atmosphere, Seasons.


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2 comments | Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You have to read between the lines: "I dwell in SDSU. Life is Wecota building." My life as a student and as a research assistant in SDSU is dyed-in-the-wool to seeing the building daily, to marvelling its rooms and, most appropriately, to exploring the grace of the first floor and the basement-or the dungeon, as we fondly call it.
So what's worthy of musing over a building-apart from the seeing, marvelling and exploring-with a massive pair of columns at the entrance and a lone window at the basement room that would not even open? Well, as a matter of fact, there are a million and one reasons to reminisce about. Allow me to highlight a few.

1. The insert-your-dollar vending machines. It serves Coca-Cola products, potato chips, M&Ms, and all other candy and bubble gum varieties. The MSG-filled junk foods are right there waiting to delight you in idle moments, when you can't think of anything but crisps and sweets. The not-so-intelligent machines don't accept all sorts of paper bills only the ones that are finely ironed. It is the place of hellos, do-you-haves, little chit-chats and where most sleepy heads normally convene during break time.

2. Brew me a coffee. The coffee room is right along the main hall. It offers an assortment of free stuff, aside from coffee, of course-to tea, to chocolate powders, to even muffin or doughnut leftovers. Being near the sunroom, it is strategically placed so as to cater to 10-minute break between class sessions. More so, it is the best place for quick note-scanning, tutorials and meeting others halfway.

3. The relief room. I could only speak for the men's room though; the area intended for comfort, most of the times, creates a putrid atmosphere when twilight comes. With the automatic flushing mechanism often failing to do its work, expect to see scary bits and pieces and all that jazz in array of sizes, floating like crazy. You know what I mean.

4. Visit the secretary's desk. For any clarification or inquiry or to simply bellyache about anything, this is the exact place to be. Madam JoAnn has a room for every diminutive moan you have however bizarre-sounding sometimes it may be.

5. Swipe before entering. The card-operated room 100 or better known as the sunroom, houses most of our excitements [read: learnings]. For the scholarly students, this is the place next to home. The room is useful in more ways than one. You can be there a few minutes before the three-hour evening class starts to mingle with classmates, discuss assignments, or just to feel a little comfy with few yawns at the back seats.

6. Hang-out till 2 a.m. For the hardworking and cannot-put-the-work-off-until-tomorrow students, the building offers the best place to get projects done or to laugh with peers till wee hours.
7. Blank. You have already read my "daily" life inside Wecota and in SDSU in general. I would reserve this last one for you to discover something that makes life in SDSU precious of coming back every day.

I saw and would continue seeing, I marvelled and would go on marvelling and I explored and surely would not stop exploring!

Read more of here.


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0 comments | Saturday, October 20, 2007

Could I? Could I go beyond the rows and columns limit of Excel?

It is really a huge problem for me right now on how to open a file in MS Excel which has more than the limit of 65,536 rows in a single worksheet. My data also needs about 400 columns and this is beyond the 256 columns allowed in Excel.

So what is the solution for this?

Although dividing the data into separate spreadsheets is possible, yet I need to have them on a single page for some statistical analysis that I'd be doing in the future.

I looked into database alternatives, such as Microsoft Access. But I found out that Access is limited to only 100,000 rows, which is still not enough.

Puzzled for now....any help from readers will be greatly appreciated.


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0 comments | Friday, October 19, 2007

These are the seven things your website will need according to Ektron.

1. Streamline content and document creation and collaboration all from one central location.

2.Complete SEO and Web compliance support.

3. Categorize and simplify navigation with fully integrated taxonomies and folksonomy.

4. Build, deploy and report forms with next-generation form building engine.

5. Reach out and build your own online community with wiki, geomapping, blogs and forums.

6. Track the life cycle of your website visitors with built in website analytics.

7. Let your visitors do the designing with complete personalization and portal support.


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0 comments | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do you know the stories behind your old photos? I just looked at mine and, yes, I do.

There's one good reason why this week I metamorphosed into an archaic-photo enthusiast.

A short meeting with a fellow Filipino in Brookings weeks ago got me into thinking to scan my old pictures and salvage them from further wear and tear. Each photo in her stack of albums, she insisted, carries brilliant stories of long ago that should not be expunged simply through waning and yellowing. In as much as she wanted the photos to be reinstated to their original grandeur, there was nothing so much she could do but to clean them from lizards' debris, having been concealed in the filing cabinet for quite a time.

Hours later, inside my room, I brushed and scraped. There is this box I brought along from the Philippines that is full of old photos of me and my family. It has been in my drawer for over a year already and, today, it grinds its teeth and spews eruptive magma of displeasure saying, "lazy dude, clean me!"

While meticulously unfolding and smoothing the furrows for hours, I also spent appreciating how little I have changed all these years in terms of looks. Even perhaps the not-so-close friends could effortlessly spot me from the rest of my look-alike clan associates. They probably would be quick to cop out on certain facial features that are very evident-the round eyes, uniquely-shaped eyebrows, flushed cheeks and the shipshape boy-cut hair I always have been sporting. "You still have the same big eyes and cute flat nose," I could imagine them asserting. Oh well, I could only give a very consenting nod when that happens.

As the scuffing continued, I chanced upon a black and white photo,which fully monopolized my interest, of me and my cousins. It was the main reason why I became too enthusiastic like a budding photographer for this article. Apart from the photo's more than 20-year value, the faces of my cousins were equally appealing. I imagined how the years made each one of us the persons that we are at present.

The old photo did not only paint thousands of words or imaginings but created the untold stories that I never knew happened before; as told by Mama-in the past-when I asked her why there were giant pigs in front of us that almost hid my small, young frame; she giggly told me how she panicked when the neighbor's pigs cut loose from their enclosure and headed towards the 'little' league members who were all smiling for the long-anticipated picture-taking. She said that she had run crazily, mightily after the pigs to shoo them away with just a twig in her hand and tongue-lashed our neighbor thereafter for putting my life at risk.

Photos bring back memories of yesteryears. Good or bad, they are sources of forgotten sagas of life. I want to re-live the past many years from now. That is why I have been collecting loads of photos from different events in and out of the SDSU campus-from paid student events, to free plays at the auditorium, to important inaugurations and parties, to even conferences and small gatherings in Brookings.

Great impressions are scarce, not to mention precious, and I want to catch them while I can. As Rutger Hauer's character of Roy Batty in Blade Runner said before he died: "All these moments will be lost in time. Like tears in the rain…" So, join me. Get those cameras clicking and enjoy the Kodak moments.
Read more of my Collegian articles.


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1 comments | Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love this song "Parting Time" by Rockstar.

From the Final Fantasy movie. Lyrics of the song after the jump.
Parting Time Lyrics

I remember the days
When you're here with me
Those laughter and tears
We shared for years
Mem'ries that we had
For so long it's me and you
Now you're gone away
You left me all alone

Go on, do what you want
But please don't leave me
You'll break my heart
Hey, what should I do
Babe, I'm missin' you
Please don't disappear
These are the words that you should hear
Time and time again
I wish that you were here

I don't wanna lose you girl
I need you back to me
I don't wanna lose you
Baby can't you see
Oh, I need you
You've been a part of me

I wish someday you'll be back home
'Cause I really miss you
Darling, please come home

I wish someday you'll be back home
'Cause I really miss you
Darling, please come home


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Question: How different from the average temperature of the earth would the temperature of a blackbody need to be in order to balance the energy received by the earth from the sun? Assume that the earth’s albedo (hemispherical reflectance) is 0.31, which means the earth reflects 0.31 of the solar irradiance. What is the primary reason for this difference (in few sentences)?

Emitted Solar Radiation
Msun = 6.3519 e+7 W/m^2 [derived from Stefan Boltzmann Law]

Surface Area of the Sun = = 6.1 e+18 m^2

Therefore, sun’s total energy output = (6.3519 e+7 W/m^2 )( 6.1 e+18 m^2) = 3.87 e+6 W

What reaches the earth’s atmosphere is only part of the total:

Solar irradiance = 1387.17 W/m^2

Computing the irradiance per unit area on the earth’s surface (Ei):

Ei = [(solar irradiance)(projected area of the earth)]/(surface area of the earth)]

Ei = (average value over the whole earth, while in reality only half of the earth receives sunlight at any given time.)

Considering earth’s albedo of 31%:

Albedo = (0.31)(347) = 107.57 W/m^2 [total energy reflected back]

Thus, the remaining energy, 69% of the incoming, is absorbed by the earth’s surface and the clouds.

Energy absorbed = (0.69)(347) = 239.43 W/m^2

To balance the energy received by the earth from the sun to that of a blackbody:

Energy absorbed (earth) = Energy Emitted (blackbody)

239.43 W/m^2 = (Boltzmann constant)* T^4 where: Boltzmann constant = 5.6697 e-8

Solving for the temperature:

T = 254.92 K

Difference in temperature = Earth’s average temperature – Temperature of the blackbody
= 288 - 254.92 = 33.08 K

To balance the energy received by the earth from the sun, the blackbody needs to be at a temperature equal to 254.92 K. This is different for the theoretical surface temperature expected from the earth’s surface which is 288 K.

The surface of the earth is warmer due to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which retain the heat. Though the contribution of an interior source seems insignificant, the earth also radiates little energy than what it receives from the sun.


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2 comments | Sunday, October 14, 2007

Someone is maliciously clicking my Adsense ads more than a hundred times! I know about this because I check my stats and track visits and clicks many times a day.

Whoever this person is, one thing is for sure, he/she is trying to deliberately land me into trouble with Adsense. My site logs show it received a stream of clicks in a short time - and from the same IP address.

I took a screen shot of the person's IP address and location through my stat counter.

I have already emailed Google Adsense and told them that I've spotted suspicious clicks on this site and asked them to investigate the IP address and the network provider [the IP address of the provider is also known].

Adsense encourages publishers to report suspicious and fraud clicks.

I would always take action to protect my AdSense account!
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1 comments | Saturday, October 13, 2007

YouTubeCebu has just been launched! It is a free unlimited multimedia portal where you could download your own videos, audios, photos and even create your own blog. There is a forum too in case you have nice ideas to share or comments and suggestions you want the admin to know. YouTubeCebu provides you with codes and links so that you can use and embed the media to your blogs or websites. Here is a sample video.

Be part of a localized YouTube! Check it out.


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0 comments | Friday, October 12, 2007

Our professor in Quantitative Remote Sensing course has been giving us challenging questions to answer. I would like to share what I think the answer should be. This, of course, I do for all students who plan to take up Remote Sensing as a graduate study in the future.

Here is the question:
What fraction of the total power radiated by the sun falls in the ultra violet spectral region? Assume that the sun is a blackbody. (Hint: You may need a table of the integral values of the Planck function.)

Known or previously-derived values:
a.) Sun’s estimated maximum temperature in K = 5800
b.) Location of the UV radiation on the EM spectrum = 0.1 to 0.4 micro meter [Madronich et al., 1998 and Helbling et al., 1992]
c.) Integral values of Planck’s function [Siegel, 2002]

Emissive Power (micro meter. K) Fractional Energy (from zero wavelength to the desired wavelength; dimensionless)
600 ------ 9.29 E-8
800 ------ 1.64 E-5
1000 ------ 3.21 E-4
2000 ------ 0.06673
2200 ------ 0.10089
2400 ------ 0.14026

There are quite a number of approaches to solving the problem.

The principles provided by Stefan-Boltzmann, with the utilization of Planck’s function, stating that the emissive power of a blackbody is a product of the wavelength and the temperature (T), can be utilized to compute fractional regions under the curve.

Solution 1:
Considering 0.40 micrometer, the equivalent fractional energy using integral values of Planck’s function is:

(wavelength)(temperature) = 0.40 (5800) = 2330 micrometer.K [emissive power of the given blackbody at the given wavelength]

2200 - 0.10089
2320 - FE
2400 - 0.14026

By interpolation, solving Fractional Energy (FE):

4.7244 = 200FE – 20.178

FE = 0.124512 or 12.4512 %

[Fractional energy under the Planck’s curve from 0 micrometer to 0.4 micrometer. Note: The 0 micrometer is based from the assumption given in the integral values table.]

Solution 2:
Instead of 0 to 0.40 micrometer, the fractional energy can also be computed in a wavelength interval, as in this case, 0.1 to 0.4 micrometer.

Considering 0.1 micrometer, the equivalent fractional energy using integral values of Planck’s function is:

(wavelength)(temperature) = 0.10 (5800) = 580 micrometer.K [emissive power of the given blackbody at the given wavelength]

From the table of integral values, the closest Fractional Energy (FE) equivalent is 9.29exp-08, a very minimal effect yet necessary to show that the area bounded by the UV doesn’t start at a zero wavelength but at 0.1 micrometer.

Therefore, the total power radiated by the sun in the ultra violet spectral region is:
FE = 0.124512 - 9.29exp-08 = 0.124503 or 12.4503 %

The differences in fractional energy (FE) values are attributed to the underlying processes of each method and the assumptions that the equations used may be derived or based from. This researcher cannot pinpoint which method exactly defines or is closest to the “real” FE or the area bounded by the UV region. It is with assurance, however, that the values were computed with mathematical explanations behind each.

Final note: I still have another solution to this problem using integration. Leave a note if you like to have it. Enjoy!


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Archaeologists call the remote sensing technology the “eyes in the sky” as it sees archaeological sites without actually excavating it. In agricultural research, the same term is used to mean remote sensing (Senft, 1996). Hydrology researchers working with the U.S. Department of Energy are "seeing" through solid ground, using aerial remote sensing techniques, to create three-dimensional images of the flow of groundwater as deep as 1,000 feet below the earth's surface (Anna, 2003).

The so-called “eyes in the sky” has been remarkably useful to a large number of disciplines: geographers, cartographers, foresters, geologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, ecologists, coastal managers, urban planners, military, and professionals in a wide variety of other areas – all rely on remotely sensed data.
As more and more disciplines want remote sensing data; as additional remote sensing capabilities emerge; as the swift progression of online geospatial and location-based services make transmission and sharing of earth knowledge easier, key challenges become obvious as a result. Conventional remote sensing data production, distribution methods and archiving may not be adequate for various end users – novice and advance user communities – to effectively and efficiently use the technology’s products.

Key challenge 1: On Data Production
The potential of remote sensing lies in its ability to provide qualitative and quantitative information (Servilla, 1998). In lieu of this, the first challenge is to produce (that includes the process and integration) the physical data and metadata as individual data sources and as compound datasets for analysis. Obtaining data and imagery and producing an application is long and complex, involving individuals and organizations with diverse requirements and needs (NAS, 2001). For instance, a dataset consisting of both an optical image and a microwave image will require different analysis methods for each subset, to meet parallel goals.

Another constraint under data production is the swift advancements or the evolution of technology that renders equipment and remote sensing software obsolete in a short period of time. Even if equipment still performs the desired functions, it may no longer be supported by the company it was purchased from, whether due to mergers or companies going out of business (Lowenberg-DeBoer, 1999). Thus, the end user may be frustrated at the rate of change in technology, which can keep back the adoption of the technology as a whole. This is not unusual with new, evolving technologies; however, it has been widely recognized as a major drawback in the adoption of remote sensing (Johannsen et al., 2000).

Also, as data sources and data sets become available, maintaining the mounting volumes of data in forms that are, not just easily accessible, but comprehensible and that meet the needs of very varied user communities presents other intellectual challenges that are at least the equal of the challenges of building a hardware into outer space.

Behind the scenes activities of scientists are very crucial to producing and delivering information to professionals who utilize the data to conduct their work. Scientists spend much of their time analyzing the technical details of airborne and spaceborne sensors. They develop methodologies to process collected data. They also develop new techniques for building reconnaissance satellites that can be launched on short notice as needs arise. They continue to work on expanding the use of non-visible fractions of the electromagnetic spectrum (particularly infrared and microwave), and think of ways to increase the number of active sensors such as lidar and radar, and to improve the spatial and temporal sampling. All these and more are challenges that remote sensing specialists face in order to understand and model the earth system as accurately as possible.

Key challenge 2: On Data Distribution
Data and information distribution is as important as data production. According to Qu et all. 2002, remote sensing data distribution has a big challenge and cited the following crucial issues:

1. Huge data volumes;
2. Complex data formats, such as, HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) and HDF-EOS
(Hierarchical Data Format Earth Observing System);
3. Different map projections;
4. Geographic information system (GIS) applications;
5. Communication protocol and capability; and
6. Processing time.

Qu et all. 2002 added that customized real-time remote sensing data with GIS/Web-GIS compatible formats may become very essential for a lot of end users. End users need to acquire Earth observing remote sensing data in more useful forms. A more widely distributed data in different formats through diversified protocols will result in better usage of the observing satellite systems. To address the data distribution issues, data compressing and pre-processing (sub-setting and sub-sampling), data format conversing (easy accessing data format such as, GIS compatible format), GIS and Open GIS applications, and simple real time data processing are necessary.

It is foreseen that remote sensing data will soon be accessible to the ordinary citizen on the street. Someone with a handheld wireless device will be able to access satellite data from the Internet, overlay it with GIS coordinates, and obtain on-the-spot atmospheric information for any location on the planet.
Another challenge is to have users’ homes link up to atmospheric satellite data and monitor their own internal environments appropriately. The answer to the challenge lies on sensor networks that will be smart, upbeat, and able to act in response to environmental changes at lightning speed sans human help. The network will allow the information to be combined so as to support rapid decisions in complex situations. In this fashion, remote sensors will enable computers not only to view their environment, but also to shape their physical surroundings.

Key challenge 3: On Data Management and Archiving

Remotely sensed imagery has evolved a great deal since it was first introduced. The bulk of satellite data generated in a month now, which would have taken ten years to produce a decade ago, leads to the question of how the data are to be managed. Mark Gray, a senior programmer at NASA, says the terabyte of raw data NASA collects from satellites every day -- equal to one trillion bits of information -- is beginning to strain computational capacity. To improve its storage potentials, NASA is taking undue credit on commercially driven improvements by partnering with private-sector companies.

Data management and archiving ensure data preservation (Bewley et al., 1998). The only strategy for long-term preservation of remote sensing data is for them to be systematically collected and archived to preserve information whatever the medium on which the information is stored and in the end they be made accessible to users operating in diverse computing environments.

It is hoped that in the future, millions of low-cost devices embedded throughout the environment will add to the data management challenge. At the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, researchers are working to resolve the problem by crafting systems that convey intelligence to the sensors themselves, a tactic based on a growing technology called "intelligent multitasking."
A computer scientist suggests that embedded intelligence would do away with the necessity for a centralized data processing facility as each sensor would hold a microcomputer and some other communications abilities, providing for collaborative signal processing and the ability to make "group decisions" about which data to send and when.

Finally, to monitor, understand and model the earth system using remote sensing technology is an exciting clash between the vision of what needs to be accomplished and the reality of the resources at hand and the commitment that comes along. The outcome of the confrontation has long-term implications for the remote sensing producers and users, for the society and the earth as a whole.

Anna, David. 2003. Remote sensing technology maps flow of groundwater from the air. National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

Bewley, R., Donoghue, D., Gaffney, V., Leusen, M.V., Wise, A. 1998. Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: A Guide to Good Practice. Section 5 - Archiving Your Dataset.

Johannsen, C. J., P. G. Carter, D. K. Morris, K. Ross, and B. Erickson. 2000. The real applications of remote sensing to agriculture. Pages 1–5 in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry; Lake Buena Vista, FL; January 10–12, 2000. Volume 1.

Lowenberg-DeBoer, J. 1999. Risk management potential of precision farming technologies. J. Agric. Appl. Econ. 31:275–285.

National Academy of Sciences (NAS). 2001. Transforming remote sensing data into information and applications. Steering Committee on Space Applications and Commercialization Space Studies Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences and Ocean Studies Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council.

Qu, J.J., Kafatos, M. and Yang, R. 2002. New challenge of remote sensing data processing and distribution for future earth observing satellite system. Pecora 15/Land Satellite Information IV/ISPRS Commission I/FIEOS 2002 Conference Proceedings.

Senft, D. 1996. "Eye-in-the-sky" made more useful to farmers - remote sensing from satellites or aircraft. US Department of Agriculture research projects, Agricultural Research Service.

Servilla, M. 1998. Bridging the barriers. Agriculture remote sensing: part two. Mod. Agric. 1:18–20. [www.eomonline.com/modernagsite/archives/index.html.]
By Eric Ariel L. Salas
For the Landscape Monitoring Course


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1 comments | Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Most of my Filipino friends in the Philippines would always throw me a very intriguing question about how clean Americans or Europeans are in the house. Even my Filipino friends here in the United States would ask me if I have already noticed the difference of the American/European culture from ours vis-a-vis the cleanliness and orderliness in their homes.

I've been to many American homes, including the one I visited yesterday. I admit it is totally different. This is not to give a sweeping statement, but Americans [regardless of gender] do not know how to maintain arrangement of stuff in areas of the house that are supposed to be in order. Maybe not the older generations. Maybe only the teenagers and those who are feeling like teenagers.

The kitchen for instance must be kept clean. Who wants to cook in a greasy, off-color sink with unwashed utensils? Next is the living room. The living room is where most of the house members gather for a nightly TV viewing or conversation or a short playtime. But who wants to sit on a couch full of books? Who wants to see personal belongings here and there, cups and glasses everywhere - like a carnival in total disarray?

This is my perception, ladies and gentlemen. I really do not care whatever people do inside their own rooms. Plant a tree, raise a monkey, interbreed insects, act like Tarzan - I do not care a fig! It is your room and you have all the rights to transform it to whatever sci-fi scene you want. Just leave the "common" area free of your 'cultured bugs' or your 'monkey's hair'. This advice goes to anyone, by the way, and points not to a particular nationality only!

I lived in Europe for two years and luckily my Dutch friends were not that messy in their homes. Some of the Spanish people were. Italians too are quite disorderly with things.

As a final note, little by little, I am agreeing to what my friends say about other culture's idea of cleanliness. I have high regards for other people not of my nationality, especially for women; perhaps they could change this 'messy' perception. After all, they are women, the torch that gives light to the household. Let that torch shine, therefore, to see which is cleaned and which is not.



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This is fun. I don't normally join online contests because most of them would only spam your email once you register with them. But this one, whogets.com online game show, is different. Why? Check out the website and you'll read comments from happy members who are participating in the contests.

Here is the assurance: All contests are FREE and anyone can enter the contests. You will NOT receive spam e-mails. If ever you'll win, you will not have to pay any fees to receive the product. Isn't that great?

Prizes at stakes range from electronics gadgets to high-tech appliances to DVDs to clothing, and much more.

The site is not just about contests but content too. It has WhozNews, which is a place for members to share articles, stories, blog posts, and a lot more.

So if you'll like to win a Nintendo DS Lite (Black Onyx) or an iPod shuffle 1GB silver or a Motorola C168i - GoPhone, then all you need to do is head to whogets.com online game show and get your chance to win them all for free!

Thanks to the sponsor whogets.com.
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Pardon me readers for ranting this over and over again. What's wrong with me nowadays?

I previously blogged on how I thought of looking for a new house because of a crazy feeling that there were important things that I needed more than what the people in my house could give.

Today, in my room, I pondered about the idea again. The past month has been very depressing, something unusual for a happy-go-lucky guy like me. The house is giving me more sadness than joy. I do not know how to define the feeling exactly. But, it sometimes feel like I am roaming in an outside world, that I don't own my room, that I don't have a place for rest.

Who said that there are more muscles to smile than to frown? It looks to me that the happy muscles have already shrunk to a dying state that what is left for me are the grief-stricken nerves that cause me to cloud up all day.

The past month has changed me. The past month has changed my outlook of the house. The past month has made me think of finding a new house.


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I am an engineer and I used to teach engineering Math to aspiring civil engineers in a big university in my country. I usually hear from non-engineering students that the hardest subject is Mathematics. As a rejoinder, I always tell them it is the upbringing that teaches them to love Math. Their childhood education just didn't prepare them to like numbers and provide them with information needed to properly solve Math problems.

That is where the problem lies. That is why only few have truly learned Math. The confidence that the child needs to believe in his math abilities is not properly instilled. As one author said: "Learning Math is similar to learning how to cook. A beginning cook cannot simply walk into a kitchen and bake a cake from scratch. A terminology must be known first". And so is Math. Math is a process that has a beginning and then build upon what is learned.

I stumbled upon SCORE! math. It is a math program designed to help a child improve his problem solving skills. They've been in the business for nearly 15 years and have been providing kids with a fun way to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their math studies.

Since learning needs guidance and support, SCORE! math includes personal academic coaching, positive reinforcement, and a customized curriculum that adapts to each child's pace and learning needs.

If you want to instill a good math foundation for your kids, try Math Tutors from SCORE! math!

Thanks to the sponsor, SCORE! math.
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Here is a simple Windows tip for today. How to make your Desktop Icons Transparent? Simple.

Go to ontrol Panel > System > Advanced > Performance area > Settings button Visual Effects tab "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop".

That's it. More Windows tips to come soon.


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Don't you ever wish to own a paintball gun? I do. In fact, whenever I'll get one, I'd be one happy guy. I am interested of paintball guns as one of my friends is into this paintball sport. He owns this tactical Paintball marker gun sniper set which he bought at Ultimate Paintball.
I don't easily trust sites, so I checked it myself. Ultimate Paintball been in business since 2002. The company has had an extensive background check and is verified as a secure website. That means customer's privacy information is protected and shopping is 101% safe - which is the top 1 requirement I look for a site.

Here is one good thing too when you decide to purchase from Ultimate Paintball: over 99% of all orders are shipped either the same day ordered or by the next business day. Ultimate Paintball offers the best prices with free shipping.

If undecided what paintball gun to buy, the customer service reps could help you make decisions if needed.

Give yourself a break. Get yourself a paintball gun and indulge into the paintball sport!

Thanks to the sponsor, Ultimate Paintball.
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Free stuff for you today. It has been over a year since I started using free photo editors for Windows. In as much as I would want to have my own copy of Photoshop, I just could not resist the all-too-good features of the free software. I suspect that whatever tools or menus you have in Photoshop, you could also find them in the free photo editors. As of today, installed in my laptop are two of the best free-to-download stuff around. Here they are:

1. Paint.NET - a free image and photo manipulation software for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server 2003. Paint.NET started development at Washington State University with additional help from Microsoft, and continues to be updated and maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it.

2. Serif PhotoPlus - you can download a completely free, fully-functional version of PhotoPlus 6. PhotoPlus 6 features an export optimizer, editable text, image slicing and image maps, selection tools, smart shapes, third-party plug-in support, red-eye removal tool, and photo enhancement tools. It works on Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, 2000, NT4, and XP.

There you go. Try them yourself.


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Wanting a new credit card? I bet you want one for the holiday season's extravagance! Here is one I could recommend which was launched May of 2000 - it's the CreditCardSearchEngine.com.

Why would I recommend it? Because I tried it myself. It is a trusted site and one of the most highly visited credit card related sites on the Internet, serving over 100,000 unique visitors monthly.

The best thing about the website is that it has all the credit card categories you've ever wanted. Looking for Low Interest Credit Cards, Balance Transfer Credit Cards, Airline Miles Credit Cards, Rewards Credit Cards, Credit Cards for Bad Credit and all other credit card types, you'd find it at creditcardsearchengine.com.

Give it a try and compare credit cards you want.

Thanks to the sponsor creditcardsearchengine.com.
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No. The title should have been "free 2-column blogger template", because I started with a free 2-column blogger template and then decided I needed to sport a new look by adding a new sidebar. See the difference now?

I like this new look with blending dark tones. I admit it took me hours to finally figure out how to add a column and then adjust all the colors for harmony. The header design took much of the time too.

There are new sponsored ads on my sidebar. Hopefully, the ads will give me additional earnings and make me rich. LOL.

Okay, for free 3-column blogger templates, visit hackosphere, or geckoandfly.


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I know my Filipino friend from Boston passed the real estate exam with ease. She now manages and operates her own brokerage with her husband.

To become a real estate broker, you must have a license. Most U.S. states require that an applicant take a minimum number of classes before taking the state licensing exam. The real estate test is not a walk in the park, unfortunately. You must prepare for it by reviewing online or getting help from experts of the trade.

The good news is that, you can purchase exam preparation software to aid you in the process. One software is the CompuCram. CompuCram simulates the real exam and the quality of the content is first class. The experts behind the software have an average of 23 years experience in their professions. CompuCram is continuously updated and covers the "hottest" topics on the most recent exams. Thus, your success is guaranteed!

You can try the software using the free trial version.

Thanks to CompuCram.
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It's late Friday evening. My housemates went out to a downtown bar for a drink. Me? Here I am answering popular quizzes online, participating polls and surveys at Quibblo.com. Don't laugh because the topics are really interesting and the site aims to have world class technology platform that enables users to create quizzes, polls and surveys and then share, syndicate and distribute their creations and answers online.

Do you know what's the worst pick-up line ever? Based on more than 10,000 votes, it is, "You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican makes me crazy".

The most favorite survey is this, "What Type of Kiss Are You?". I answered it and voila the results said that I am a "Suffocating and Sloppy Kiss".
Woah! Slow down there. You want to make-out with this person, not choke them. Sometimes your overeagerness, though sincere, can be overwhelming. Try to control your excitement and maybe don't give everything away all at once!
Try it yourself. Then you might want to try the Christmas quizzes too?

Thanks to Quibblo.com for sponsoring this post.


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I am addicted to blogging. Whatever I wrote here is true and the badge truly defines how I am as a blogger - a Blue-Blooded Blogger (BBB). I had a discussion with a friend about this daily habit of posting "my thing" online. What motivates me to write or to blog?

Simple. First, I love expressing myself freely without anyone's care. Second, I earn a lot from blogging and that I think is the major reason why I am doing it. My earning from work most of the time ends up so meager because of taxes deducted from it monthly. Blog earnings, luckily, do all the paying of bills, the traveling expenses, the shopping online, the treating of friends to dinners, and the other stuff regular pay cannot do or buy. I have a goal to reach and that is to buy my own car from my blogging savings!

Whatever my blogs (I own many blogs by the way) have reached by now is attributed to the professional bloggers who have helped me with the strategies of blog monetization. Thanks to them!

I am addicted to blogging and I don't have a plan to stop the addiction. If are like me, use the Blue-Blooded Blogger badge and help me spread the love or the blog addiction mania.


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You should consider yourself lucky if you have not gone through the pain and anguish of a toothache. But you'll never know that it can hurt you in the near future. The best way to prepare for that is to have some knowledge regarding home remedies for toothache pain relief. You must all the time be prepared to prevent that immediate, unbearable pain. Although a visit to a dentist is always advisable, there are times home remedies are necessary for instant relief and to fill in those loose caps.

Here is one real remedy: Dentemp OS.

Dentemp O.S is FDA approved over-the-counter dental cement that is a perfect first aid product for fillings and loose caps. What else could it do?

1. Provides fast, temporary relief of pain and temporary dental repair.
2. Just remove it from its plastic vial and it's ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial.
3. Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns.
4. You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting.
5. All products have been tested and fully comply with FDA Regulations for Oral Care.

So, if that tooth aches again, don't panic. There is always a way to ease the pain.

If you want to know more about the product, visit the Frequently Asked Questions about "Dentemp".


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I love this video from the Mogwai band. The song is "Travel Is Dangerous". Watch the video.

Wikipedia has this to say about the band:
Mogwai are a Scottish band from Glasgow, United Kingdom. Formed by Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchison in 1995, Mogwai has since become one of the most influential and best known names in post-rock.

They compose lengthy instrumental guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme, and are known traditionally for dynamic contrast, melodic bass riffs, and their use of guitar distortion and effects.

Stuart Braithwaite has commented on the lack of lyrics within Mogwai's music, saying:
“I think most people are not used to having no lyrics to focus on. Lyrics are a real comfort to some people. I guess they like to sing along and when they can't do that with us they can get a bit upset."


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The most affordable deal can be harder than you might think!

Who needs a mortgage broker? You, who want to save money and do not like to approach various lending institutions yourself. You, who want to find the most competitive interest rate but do not know how to go about it.

So you need a mortgage broker, the certified professional who seeks the best mortgage terms for you via accessing a network of lenders - major banks, trust companies, credit unions and finance companies. If you work with a mortgage broker, you've gotten yourself a personalized service. These determined professionals have strong networks to a wide pool of lenders, and can access a vast range of deals on your behalf.

For a home loan, or just to check out mortgage rate, or mortgage refinancing, visit PersonalHomeLoanMortgages.com.

Sponsored by PersonalHomeLoanMortgages.com.
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I detected a speculative something in the horizon, with which from the blackish sky backdrop looked like the 11th plague of Egypt. Looking up toward the dark heavens, they portrayed the massive dust particles that were about to crush an unarmed enemy. I looked at them closely and realized that they were actually as yellow as the three-quarter-shaped moon that shone that windy Friday night.

I am talking about the leaves of trees blown heavily by the eastern wind. On my way to the office for a late night of work, I stared at the heavens to watch these pseudo imago butterflies fluttering their spiritless, no-cuticle wings. While few enjoyed the slow descent to a temporary kibbutz, others contented themselves with a steady-state, non-flitting aerodynamic lifts. Like butterflies, leaves falling made my eyes narrow with a half-stunned, half-euphoric open-lipped semblance. At one point I stopped and wondered at this wonderful site to behold that nobody around even cared a fig.

Fall has started to manifest its grandeur in every whisk of the breeze and in the clutter of leaves on ground. Last year I wrote how the leaves fell on a couple spending time under the shade of a pale green tree; and how it sprinkled the man's kiss attempts and witnessed the girl's giggles of anticipation. This week, the leaves inspired me not just to write about them again but opened my eyes to few realizations.

Loving each colorful detail of fall, oddments of the past couple of weeks flickered at the fringes of my eyelids. I thought at how I missed to appreciate life in Brookings-those little pinches of beauty that I used to love about the town (squirrels, crickets, flower gardens, jackrabbits, vast fields and gracious people), of which I promised myself to only see. It was a realization that happened when I was on the verge of breaking loose from an experience that only the infuriated ego of an antagonist in a totalitarian society could appreciate. Even George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" would have paled in comparison with my article that carried the anger of The Bride, a.k.a. Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill and was supposed to come out in this column had the editors not interfered and cancelled its run. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.

Now, having schooled my thoughts into full comprehension of the likely precipitates of my writings and the touch they may have to my readers, I slithered into my old self again. The self who wrote the columns "Fuchsia in South Dakota," "Falling for a brown-haired American girl at The Union" and the likes, would be evident again. Of course, the squirrels and the leaves, thanks to them, would play their roles once more as they proved to be efficient means of self-approbation.

Just allow me to sweet-talk myself that I am an unbiased, sometimes fruity individual with appetite for absurd beauty, perverted wit and cockamamie details. It is strange though that I haven't killed anyone yet (laugh out loud). Maybe because I don't think about violent stuff on people in those moments of unfriendly howls of vehemence. Rather, I think of my pen, of survival and all the nice details there is to life in Brookings and the society in general. Maybe because there is more to life than entertaining anger. Maybe because there are more colors to appreciate if I just have to look around. Maybe because I simply do not want to miss the beauty whenever I am transformed into a new self.

From now on, I would be whisking the colors of Brookings while I stare at the butterflies, I mean the leaves!

Read this from collegian site.


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Norton antivirus software has been protecting my laptop and my desktop back home from viruses and other malicious software for many years already. With such a trusted name in the antivirus industry, Norton is always at the forefront of the technology.

I wasn't spared from major PC problems before caused by infected email attachments. There was one time, the PC was corrupted by a powerful spyware. Norton anti virus software was able to solve them all. Harmful viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malicious software that damage the computer and destroy files, are no difficult for Norton. Believe me, the antivirus works.

Here is one good news. Norton Antivirus/Security Scan is giving you a free downloadable software. Instead of paying for it, for a limited time, you can download the popular antivirus software from this website 100% free.

This free version of Norton allows scanning of files, protection from infected email attachments, and scanning of instant messages.

In this special download of Norton, you are provided with protection from all common types of viruses, as well as detection of Trojan horses, which may allow hackers to monitor your keystrokes and record your every move. It goes without saying that protection from these harmful intruders is a must.

Limited Time Offer! Download the free norton anti virus software now.

Sponsored by Norton Antivirus.
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No way in hell that would I go for it. One hundred seven (107) flips, that's 63 forwards and 44 backwards, on Top Spin is just way too scary. I couldn't even survive a ferris wheel. LOL. Watch the video and tell me if you don't throw up in such a crazy ride.

thanks DragonKhan2000


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Many homeowners do not see the the importance of good bathroom lighting. Maybe because this is one of the smallest rooms in the house. But if you have to think of it, it is also the place that everyone in the household use many, many times a day. Properly lit bathrooms are the first step in ensuring safety while in the bathroom.

This area of the house really needs proper lighting for applying makeup, shaving, styling hair and daily hygiene tasks. Don't you want to look good when you go out of the bathroom?

Bathrooms look good when there are two or more bulbs. A little chandelier will add more sophistication. And never forget the bathroom fans and flush mount ceiling lights with fans.

Visit Lighting Showplace for bathroom lighting guide.

Thanks to the sponsor of this post, Lighting Showplace.
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5 comments | Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Question: How could I open or print or read password-protected PDF files?

This isn't cheating, I suppose. I just found out that password protected PDF documents/files could actually be unlocked or the password could be cracked. Stupid me. With all the blogging I do everyday, how could I not think of it?

Opps, cracking the security code isn't bad all the time. For instance, an ex-colleague did critical departmental reports in PDF format but he/she is not connected with the company anymore. In his/her absence, the only option you've got to open, read or print the PDF file, is to crack the PDF password (not exactly knowing the password but only removing the restrictions). Convinced?

Let's go to a more serious issue. When there author restricted the copying or printing feature, here is what you'd gonna do:

1. Printing only a couple of pages from the PDF document - Capture the PDF page as an image using any available free screen capture software. There are few free download software I would recommend: FastStone Screen Capture, Snippy, and Screen Hunter. Or try SnagIt, it has this very powerful autoscroll and could capture multiple pages of the document in one click.

2. What about copying just a portion of text from the PDF page? - Use a screen capture tool with OCR features (like Kleptomania). The OCR features would allow you to capture screen text, error messages, windows dialogs and text anywhere on the screen from any Windows program that otherwise cannot be saved or printed. You can use Capture Text trial version.

3. If you have money to spend, buy the Advanced PDF Password Recovery from ElcomSoft or the PDF Password Remover from Very PDF.

Very important note on legal issues: You maybe surprised to know that these PDF password-cracking software are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL. Microsoft even awarded ElcomSoft a Gold Certified Partner status.

So, ready now for some cracking?



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Holidays are coming! I'm not referring to Christmas alone. First, there's Halloween. Second, there's Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the big celebrations ahead?

Frankly, among the three, I am more of a "Christmas season" guy. Maybe you could call me a Christmas addict. Why? Because I could become so excited of its coming even if it's still a couple of months away.

The excitement stems from the gift-giving that I usually do during the season. Last year I used Coupon Chief for my online shopping spree. I think it is the best there is for deals and discounts. I bought a friend a bag from ebags deals; a faded light-wash-straight-fit jeans for another friend, which I bought for just $15 from Gap.com; and guess what, DVDs for myself using Best Buy coupons codes.

I am thinking what to buy this year. Maybe a new laptop from Dell.

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