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0 comments | Monday, October 08, 2007

Pardon me readers for ranting this over and over again. What's wrong with me nowadays?

I previously blogged on how I thought of looking for a new house because of a crazy feeling that there were important things that I needed more than what the people in my house could give.

Today, in my room, I pondered about the idea again. The past month has been very depressing, something unusual for a happy-go-lucky guy like me. The house is giving me more sadness than joy. I do not know how to define the feeling exactly. But, it sometimes feel like I am roaming in an outside world, that I don't own my room, that I don't have a place for rest.

Who said that there are more muscles to smile than to frown? It looks to me that the happy muscles have already shrunk to a dying state that what is left for me are the grief-stricken nerves that cause me to cloud up all day.

The past month has changed me. The past month has changed my outlook of the house. The past month has made me think of finding a new house.



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