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0 comments | Thursday, August 19, 2010

The moment I added my Gmail account on my Droid X, I constantly received notifications of new emails. At first it was cool. But it got very annoying when, in the middle of the night, the notification sound just kept on buzzing. I have a very busy inbox, and being notified every now and then may not be the best thing to do. So I looked for ways to turn off email notification on my Droid X.

There was really no solution in disabling the email notification without turning off the Gmail account itself. I was hoping for something like receiving the emails yet without being notified. So far, there is nothing I found online.

The best solution to stop the Droid X notifications, is to "uncheck" the Gmail account. To do that:

1. Tap the "settings" button.

2. Then scroll down and tap "accounts." Here you will find the different accounts you have set -- like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo...etc.

3. Select and tap the "Google" or "Gmail" account.

4. Now you are in the Data and Synchronization screen. Uncheck the "Synch Gmail", but leave the "Synch Contacts" checked.

That's it. Exit the screen and your Droid X will not be getting the email notifications anymore. If you wanna check your gmails again, just follow the same steps, but this time, check the the "Synch Gmail" to activate it.

Note: If any of you have other solutions, please leave it in the comment section. Thanks.



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