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0 comments | Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday is synonymous to a big nationwide sale and shopping!

Black Friday is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving in the United States. I didn't hear about this event last year, only yesterday, from Filipino friends.

It was amazing to hear stories from them of how people pack the stores for this big sale day. They go to the stores hours before the opening, even sleeping along alleys and sidewalks, in the middle of a cold winter night, just to be among the firsts to get inside and grab the best items on display. Yes, buyers are that eager to shop!

It is because the items are discounted hugely. Getting an item 70% less of the original price is significantly helpful for a tight-budget family, or even for those fashion-oriented individuals who look for the latest fad on sale.

There is computer shop that sells Toshiba laptops for the first 10 customers for only $300 (roughly P15,000). Who doesn't want to get one? I heard the laptop specs were awesome!

Today, I left the house at 6AM and head for Sioux Falls, to the Empire Mall. I went with two of my Filipino friends, Cel and Ping. We were in time for the hassle and bustle of the shopping jungle when we got there with our enthusiastic shopping moods.

We shopped till we dropped, so to speak. I bought two new shoes (adding to my shoe collection). I also bought long sleeves and a scarf for winter protection. The sale wasn't whole day so we had to move fast to get the things we want. We, literally, rubbed elbows with the same enthusiastic American shoppers.

We went home with big smiles. It was one hell of a shopping experience, not to mention the over-the-budget expenses. Well, it happens only once a year - so I better enjoy it. And, oh, I did.

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