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0 comments | Monday, November 19, 2007

Yesterday was my first international night. Though there are just few of us Filipinos in Brookings, South Dakota, we still decided to join the event.
Kristy, Maria, Cel and I prepared a Filipino dish. We served our very own version of the Filipino Chopsuey. It would have been an eggroll menu, but its preparation would take hours. With about 300 people to serve, there was no time to waste for a complicated dish.

The Filipino Chopsuey came in three varieties - the pure Filipino vegetarian Chopsuey, Chopsuey with shrimp (for the seafood lovers), and the Chopsuey with chicken (for the seafood allergic). The chopsuey with shrimp was the most-loved dish.

We came in with our Filipino costumes. Of course, we were proud of our culture and history and for being Filipinos in the United States.

Maricel and I represented the Philippines in the fashion show, where different culture representatives sashayed with their respective national costumes. It was fun. We are thinking of doing it again next year.

I will post more photos once I get them from friends. Ugh, I forgot to bring my camera!



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