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0 comments | Sunday, September 30, 2007

It is not a unique story of one partner being out of town. Or not seen for a week. The wife is in Dubai. The husband is in a place thousand miles away. They haven’t seen each other for almost two years now. How would romance work?

I have always questioned the efficiency and value of a long-distance romance. Even before I experienced it myself way back, I knew, with the things that could probably play in your mind, it will never work. Imagine the pain it could possibly create in you and your partner in all sorts of ways. Communication is the essential ingredient in the love concoction and being a great distance apart can surely injure that. Of course there are always love letters, phones, and emails to keep the communication alive all the time.

However, there are stories that defy the belief -- belief that love won’t work. The partners hang to the thought that love works in a mysterious way and when confronted with such situation all there is to do is to trust. If there is truth to the principle that absence makes the heart grow fonder, then it could greatly help make long-distance relationship last.

How would you survive lonely days? Here is a to-do list.

1. Keep busy! Read my daily blogs.
2. Write love letters via snail mail. The excitement of when it will reach its destination and land safely on the hand of the recipient is enough to make you alive.
3. Share pains through emails and phone calls. Acknowledge you are hurt as much as he/she is.
4. Get yourself a sense of humor especially when calling him/her. Do not wail like you won’t see the other person anymore.
5. Smell the scent of his/her cologne or touch anything he/she has left behind.
6. Call and ask his/her friend to do little favors for you, like, to leave a note on his/her bed saying “I Love You”. Don’t do this often. He/she might suspect you are up to his/her friend.
7. Give a surprise visit. It is costly but he/she would see the effort!
8. If there is a chance for both of you to meet up at least one day in a year, then make that day extremely magical.
9. Write a song. Sing in the shower.
10. Be tough. Keep friends and family around you.
11. Focus on your job and do not put your life on hold just because he/she is not around.
12. Stay active. Go the gym. Jog with your best friend!
13. Chat with a web cam.
14. Call your dog or cat by his/her name. Just to make sure you won’t forget your partner’s name after 10 years of being apart.
15. Find a place, e.g. park, beach where you could be at peace with yourself.
16. Develop a website for both of you! If you won’t end up together, there is always a delete button.
17. Remind each other how much you love one another.
18. Go to the nearest beach and send a message in the bottle. Fate can sometimes work on your side.
19. Pray. Pray genuinely.
20. Visit Romance For Everyone to know more.

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