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0 comments | Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here I am, blogging in a time when everyone is asleep.

Know what, I am supposed to be happy at this moment! After a HOBO day party at home, I should have been feeling happy. But, honestly, I am not! Am I satisfied with the outcome of the event? - not at all. Disappointed, I am.

Weird, but I feel so stupid after the party. It feels like I need something more than what the people in my house could give.

There was a point that I didn't even want to see the faces of my housemates!

There was a point that I thought I needed to find a new home - somewhere where I could be alone, by myself, in solitary - to think of life, future and happiness without people to bother about, to care, to love - just be myself.

I feel stupid to torture myself with this stupid imaginings!

Where is happiness? Where is fulfillment in life? Where?!



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