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3 comments | Monday, August 27, 2007

Two sleepless nights in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois was, whichever way I see it, pure fun. Okay, maybe there were few stolen naps here and there, but two straight nights of bar fun made my lately-not-so-exciting life ten years younger and sweeter.
The perfect-looking couple, Mark and Xai, had the perfect tour recipe for the new Chicago wanderer like me. As my initiation to the windy city, I was brought immediately to a Filipino-owned karaoke bar on my first night, after over four hours of road trip from Michigan. The couple knew exactly what I needed - few booze shots for the karaoke trippin' to start rolling.
It was like I was inside one of Cebu City's night bars, like I was never been away from home to start with. Seeing so many Filipinos commingling into a 10x20-meter pygmy place felt a little kooky at first instance - probably because I don't encounter so often such a Filipino crowd here in South Dakota. Right then and there, I met few acquaintances inside the bar. There were ladies whom I found physically attractive. Attractiveness doesn't always mean just having a coca-cola, to-die-with figure. It has to brew with cute smiles, soft and tender whispers, little flirting and carry-to-the-max attitude.

I have no exact recollection how many times I had the microphone in my hand. I do recall the clapping of people around. Whether they liked my singing or they wanted me to stop was beyond my recognition that time. But who cares how I really sounded! When people are intoxicated past midnight, the ugliest could become the prettiest and the off-notes could be the most beautiful music ever created.

Fun, I had. Xai surprised me with such superb, angelic, high-pitched voice. Sexy, pretty and talented, Xai and her pretty voice could give more established stars a run for their money.

The first day ended at 5AM. Just few hours later, I was feeling the drawing force of the windy city - touring each spectacle Chicago is known for. In between rain episodes [rain pestered my trip the whole day], Mark and I quickly took pictures as if not bothered at all that our cameras would soak in the rain.

We've been to so many places in so short a time. Chicago is never that huge if you tour it by car.

I must say the most magnificent experience was the one at the Chicago Bean [others call it the Cloud Gate of Chicago]. We went there in the evening. So sensational it was that you'd lock your jaw in total amazement. Daytime might be awesome to visit the spectacle too. But the reflections of surrounding lighted buildings to the mirror-like exterior of the Bean that could only be seen when the sky turns dark and the heavens are starry, added to the already eye-catching shape of the structure.

The enormous bean offers an ever-changing reflections of the city skyline situated at Chicago's Millennium Park. I've read that it weighs 110 tons and has a final building cost of $23 million. The futuristic egg-shaped object is indeed a great work of art that no tourist should ever miss to see!

The night after the city tour was no different. Still with groggy eyes, Mark, Xai and I ventured to meet few other Filipino Americans. Most of them, if not all, were employed professionals. I was introduced to Vanessa and Chepie, two women Xai wanted me to rub eyeballs with. Mark and Xai teased me that the next time I'd be in Chicago, it would be because of their gorgeous lady "playmates".

I left the windy city full of memories to share. From the monumental sculpture to the interactive water fountains, Chicago is a 'must-see'.

Early in the morning, at around 5AM, I took a train to St. Louis Missouri for the next leg of my trip. I gave the couple a hug and promised to come back.

Chicago photo gallery 1 and gallery 2 for more.

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Blogger Carlota said...

really nice ... hmmm i heard you sing good. wink*

August 28, 2007 10:03 PM

Blogger Carlota said...

pretty ladies too...double wink**

August 28, 2007 10:05 PM

Blogger talksmart said...

Thanks Miss Carlota. I met lots of pretty ladies really. Hope to meet them again sooner. Hope to meet you again someday too :-)

August 29, 2007 12:18 AM


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