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0 comments | Friday, August 10, 2007

I saw one of these smooth modern design leather furniture in a friend's home. At first sight, I fell in love with it. Maybe I should start planning for my living room. I browsed online and found this: [please see image].

Isn't it adorable? The beautiful dark-colored and manly reclining sofa set is the best way to compliment your office or home theater! While you watch your favorite TV series or perhaps read your book, you can recline the furniture and the footrest to the desired angle you want, far more comfortable than the desk chair. More than that, if you're having guests over for an evening of movies or even for a casual dinner party, you can use your sofa to your full advantage by providing them comfortable and expandable seating arrangements in an instant. It can even serve as a bed, if need be.

The arm rests are also wide enough to keep arms relax in style.

With this gorgeous piece of furniture, it is guaranteed to bring luxury into your home and a wonderful dramatic effect in addition to that. Indeed, an excellent value for the money!

If you visit Gallery Furniture , you will see a variety of this reclining home theater furniture in different colors to blend your room and to fit your style.

Visit one of the biggest furniture retailers in the country and start planning your home now!



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