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0 comments | Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brookings, South Dakota has a zero crime rate, literally. When you watch the newscast, you will most likely see news events about road mishaps or the state of the hot summer weather. None of such nature like men in motorcycles firing the house of a politician, or men robbing a bank located beside the police station -- you know, those kind of crimes that we consider ok-fine in the Philippines. If you want to see something tragic, you'll get frustrated.

I think the most catastrophic crime that can be committed in this city is bike stealing. HAHA. Funny, but I am quite certain it is. In as much as I would want to experience a crime more than just that, I just cannot. Because Brookings is peaceful (can also be translated to boring). [warning: there is a crime video after the jump]

Last weekend, around 9PM, I became a witness of the awfully terrible crime of bike stealing. It happened just across my home, at the student halls, when the sun was beginning to wrap up its last few beams.

Two men. Since my room is facing the student halls, I clearly saw how the guys took bikes from a row of bikes parked on the rack. First, they monitored the surroundings for human presence - the usual step to a perfect crime. When assured that no one was within distance of them, they started to force open the bicycle locks, one after the other. I am not sure how they took the chains out, if they had metal cutters or what. I am certain though that the bikes were not theirs. They managed to steal two at first and took them somewhere to the other side of the hall. Few moments later, they came back for the rest of the bicycles and I saw that they were joined by two women.

This time, I armed myself with my cam and took a video of the ongoing heinous crime (heinous...hahaha). I suddenly turned into Agent 007. If I would want to, I could report the incident to the police. But I decided to keep it here on my blog and let the police discover this blog first before they would discover the crime. I bet they are monitoring my posts for updates on Brookings.

Watch the video. Or report this link to the police.

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