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0 comments | Thursday, July 19, 2007

There are a lot of scams online and if you really read what they write, you would surely fall in the trap. Before you join any of them, make sure your sources are reliable.

When I heard about PayPerPost from a professional blogger slash friend, I never had second thoughts of joining in. He told me how satisfying the returns were looking at the financial point of view. He convinced me that since I blog often, why not earn from the effort at the same time?

The concept is simple: blog and get paid. Just follow the word of mouth ethics and you are in.

I did sign-up and wrote my first post on PayPerPost Direct. Guess what, I just get paid 2 weeks ago. True enough, the payment for my other posts came in, one after the other, day after day. The payment is secured as they pay you via your PayPal account. So imagine me receiving an email from PayPal day after day notifying me of the deposits made by PayPerPost. Getting a $20 dollar for a post is no joke at all. This is for real. So far, I am satisfied of how PayPerPost is paying for my bills.

Future goal: to be among the top earners. It sounds hard but never impossible.

So don’t be left behind. Go forward and be among us. As what PayPerPost always say “Spread the Love”. Take the first step here.



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