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0 comments | Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday. It was the longest day of my life in the USA. I planned this trip to Boston, Massachusetts since early this year and I couldn't count the number of times I changed plans to find ways to steal time from work. A close friend who have been inviting me since time immemorial that I'd go and visit her in Boston has been becoming so impatient. May, 26, 2007. Saturday. The day the plan had seen fulfillment.

As per my itinerary, departure time from Sioux Falls, South Dakota was 2.32 PM. Excited since it'll be my first trip outside the Brookings city where I spent over 8 months of work and study, I was in the airport 2 hours prior to departure. I was told by the check-in officer that the flight from Sioux Falls to Chicago (the connecting city) was delayed for an hour. Few calculations inside my so-aroused brain nerves dictated that I could still catch up with my connecting flight to Boston. I rested and waited for more announcements. An hour later, it was announced that the flight would be further delayed for an hour more due to a storm in Chicago.

Two hours of delay made me so hysterical. This couldn't be since it would send everything in my plan to mayhem. If it happens, nobody could fetch me at Boston airport. Being a Boston neophyte, I was afraid I may end up not seeing Harvard. Then I was told by the ticketing officer to wait 30 minutes before boarding so she could get to the bottom of my serious predicament.

To kill time, I tried to use the available WiFi connection at the airport. What a damn! The wireless connection wasn't free! That's why nobody was using their laptops at all, because no one wanted to pay 10 dollars for an hour of internet connection. It was bulls#*t in full form. Time wasn't on my side. To cut the story short, I ended up using my credit card, paid an hour of web surfing for reasons very worthwhile -- to BLOG.

I blogged. Posted two posts. Then I was called by the officer after almost an hour to discuss my concern. The solution was to run to the boarding gate the moment the plane touches down the Chicago airport. I had ten minutes to get to my connecting flight, otherwise, I'd be spending the night God-knows-where.

Sioux Falls to Chicago was about one and a half travel time. True enough, the very instant I was out of the plane, I ran as fast as my feet could get me, stopped at the nearest toilet for a quick pee (hahaha)and searched for the gate for my connecting flight. Gasping for breath, I had a big sigh of relief to know that the flight was delayed for 12 minutes. Thanks goodness!

Chicago to Boston was 2 hours and a half. I was seated between a old man who slept with his mouth open and a gorgeous blonde girl who never cared to even give me a glimpse as she busied herself with her book. So, inside the plane, when you can never start a conversation or a friendship, the best option to do is to watch people go in and out of the toilet. There were those who stayed only for few minutes inside. There was one guy who stayed for almost 30 minutes! I wondered what he just did or was about to do.

I browsed the free magazines and looked for fun stuff. Thank God, there was a Suduko game at the back page. This is one number puzzle that I like doing when I get plenty of time. I did this every night at Bo's cafe while I was still in Cebu. I also answered the crossword puzzle and found out that it was easier than those I resolved before. I had all spaces filled! Yehey!

Touched down at 9.40 PM, Boston. First thing I did was to call my friend, informing her that Eric, the guy who was pissed off moments ago, has finally arrived. I waited for almost 30 minutes but wasn't bored since I enjoyed myself watching everyone crossing the street, waiting for bus rides, talking on their phones, kissing their loved ones and thinking that in a day or two, I will be face to face with Harvard.

My friend, Ate Rose, arrived with her American husband, Gerry. It was a long-time-no-see type of meeting. The last time I saw Ate Rose was way back in 1996 when I was still a youngster who never ever thought of going to the USA. Beso-beso and lots of smiles inside the car. Had a good conversation with her ever friendly better-half. What made my eyes grow big and wide was when Gerry promised me that he'd bring me to Harvard.

They live in Melrose. And before the night of May 26, 2007 ended, I had a good dinner that made me forget the almost-close-to-catastrophe experience. I slept well.

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