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2 comments | Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I now own a domain. I have told you that. I would have wanted the www.composedgentleman.com domain, however, someone stole the name from me. I know all my blogs are popular, especially "the composed gentleman" blog. Try to google the name and all you get are my precious, not to mention, famous links. Yes yes Yahoooo!!! That's right. I am listed all over the web with those keywords.

There are many specific keywords that make my blog #1 in google search engine, and even in yahoo and msn. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and to SEO friends who have been helping my blog reach a status that I cannot even believe I am enjoying right now. Who doesn't want their blogs to be popular, anyway?

Two of my blogs are now in the top 50 list of Philippine blogs -- one is in the 20s (receiving about 50 to 60 thousand hits a month) and the other in the 40s (around 25 to 35 hits a month)-- and they are going up the ranks.

Why do I need such traffic? Because traffic converts to income. The more visits I get, the more possibility of getting the bucks flowing in.

I would not deny that blogging satisfies me financially and emotionally. There have been things that I own that blogging bought me. I have been receiving offers from companies that they'd pay me for a year just to get a link from my blog. Most of them contacted me to have their company products included in particular posts that I did long time ago. I couldn't blame them. Those posts appear in search engines often. They need traffic for their products, they need me. LOL. These opportunities are coming every so often. I just could not resist the offers. And thanks PayPal for managing my finances online!

Most of all, blogging satisfies me emotionally because of frequent visitors or blogger friends (i haven't met yet) who visit my blogs constantly and commenting when possible. These are people who appreciate what I do. These are people who give me love links because they share the same aspirations as mine. And to think that they come from all over the world is so so so amazing!

With my current PageRank, with all the efforts I have done and time I have spent so far, with all the blogs linking to me or to my individual posts, I don't see myself taking a rest from blogging. Also, I now have the responsibility to update my blogs for my daily readers. My posts connect me with them. I might not see their actual reactions while browsing through, but their coming back daily already connects them to me -- in a fulfilling virtual way.

My new domain? It's www.composedgentleman.net.



Blogger yatot said...

wow! good for you! too bad, pay pal in the philippines is for sending money only or some sort, i cannot receive money from them... i am currently changing the format of my blog into a more personal writer's blog... wish me luck, hehehe

May 24, 2007 11:57 PM

Blogger talksmart said...

Hi Yatot. Good luck :-)

July 23, 2007 11:08 AM


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