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0 comments | Thursday, October 09, 2008

Carrying digital files when traveling is never a difficult task. Most people have flash drives tagged along all the time where important computer files are quickly stored. But are flash drives (thumb drives) protected from unauthorized access to your files? Most of them are not.
Lately, a new breed of flash drives comes in - chock full of military-strength encryption and passwords and keypad combinations that must be entered before the data can be accessed. I know a few that I really like.

IronKey Secure Hardware-Encrypted Flash Drive
It designed to be the world's most secure flash drive, protects your data, on-line passwords, and Internet privacy. Now you can safely carry your digital life with you wherever you go - with confidence and peace of mind.

Ironkey Personal 2GB - $90.27 Amazon Store
IronKey 4GB - $128.80 Amazon Store
Ironkey Basic 8GB Flash - $258.30 Amazon Store

2. Pocket Safe
The Personal Pocket Safe is a hack-proof device that connects to your computer through a USB port. All data is encrypted and can only be accessed by entering your customizable PIN on your Pocket Safe. Once unlocked, Pocket Safe software launches and provides pre-formatted fields for easy entry of all important records and files.

Personal Pocket Safe - $59.95 Amazon Store

3. Corsair Flash Padlock
It gives users the confidence of having a hardware-secured lock to protect their data on an USB drive. Featuring auto-lock hardware security, Flash Padlock is the best way to secure your data while on the go.

2GB Hardware Secured USB Flash Drive with Auto-lock - $20.68 Amazon Store

Keep your files safe. Use secured flash drives especially when you are on the road often.

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