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Lakaw is a journey is a step is a move. I love to travel around the world and this is my travel and travel gadget site. Welcome and Enjoy!

0 comments | Thursday, July 31, 2008

S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants, which was launched in 2002, came up with a new list this 2008.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in the world:

1 - El Bulli - Spain - World's Best Restaurant
Best in Europe

2 - The Fat Duck - UK

3 - Pierre Gagnaire - France

4 - Mugaritz - Spain - Chefs Choice

5 - The French Laundry - USA - Best Restaurant in Americas

6 - Per Se - USA

7 - Bras - France

8 - Arzak - Spain

9 - Tetsuya's - Australia - Best Restaurant in Australasia

10 - Noma - Denmark

11 - L'Astrance - France

12 - Gambero Rosso - Italy

13 - Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - UK

14 - L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - France

15 - Le Louis XV - France

16 - St John - UK

17 - Jean Georges - USA

18 - Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée - France

19 - Hakkasan - UK

20 - Le Bernardin - USA

To see the complete list of World's 50 Best Restaurants, visit the site.

Five best restaurants in ASIA:

Cilantro - Kuala Lumpur
Tel. no. +63 2179 8000

Gunther's - Singapore
Tel. no. +65 6338 8955

Le Normandie - Bangkok
Tel. no. +66 2659 9000

Les Amis - Singapore
Tel. no. +65 6733 2225

Mozaic - Bali
Tel. no. +62 3619 75768


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Aside from reality TV talent shows, what make me stick on the TV set on afternoon breaks are cooking showdowns. I love watching how chefs battle each other to produce the best tasting dish or dessert. When I find the recipes easy to prepare, I normally try preparing them myself and, most often than not, I end up satisfied.

I am very good at preparing seafood cuisines. No kidding. Maybe because I grew up eating seafoods, which are abundant in the Philippines. Give me a slice of fresh fish and I could come up with a good dish for it.

Lately, I found out that the combination of charcoal grilling and oven cooking work for my Asian fish recipe. I got these slices of salmon from friends who had a trip to Alaska. I marinated the fish overnight with my secret mixture of spices. [I will reveal the mixture if you'd leave me comments].

I thought of giving the fish a nice "grill lines", so I used the charcoal grill and grilled the slices to about 10 minutes: I never intended to cook it fully on the grill, though.

I placed the fish slices in a big bowl, garnish it with additional spices, poured half a cup of pure orange juice, covered it with foil and placed it in the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

The result - a fish recipe only me can create! LOL! I was even thinking of submitting it for a Cook off showdown. What about that?

Oh by the way, there is an upcoming Annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off showdown on Aug 2-3 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. The event, for sure, will be exciting as day one will be action-packed with 14 chefs on stage as well as cooking demonstrations from guest chefs. This event creates positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability.

For the five finalists, day two holds another set of challenges as mystery ingredients are introduced and cook times are reduced as the chefs prepare a dish that the home cook can easily recreate.

Who will win the Annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off showdown? Maybe me. Kidding, I am not yet an American!

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Believe it or not, but the oldest recorded joke has been traced back to 1900 BC about toilet humor.

1. Something which has never occurred since time immemorial: a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap (1900 BC – 1600 BC Sumerian Proverb Collection 1.12-1.13)

2. How do you entertain a bored pharaoh? You sail a boatload of young women dressed only in fishing nets down the Nile and urge the pharaoh to go catch a fish (An abridged version first found in 1600 BC on the Westcar Papryus)

3. Three ox drivers from Adab were thirsty: one owned the ox, the other owned the cow and the other owned the wagon's load. The owner of the ox refused to get water because he feared his ox would be eaten by a lion; the owner of the cow refused because he thought his cow might wander off into the desert; the owner of the wagon refused because he feared his load would be stolen. So they all went. In their absence the ox made love to the cow which gave birth to a calf which ate the wagon's load. Problem: Who owns the calf?! (1200 BC)

4. A woman who was blind in one eye has been married to a man for 20 years. When he found another woman he said to her, "I shall divorce you because you are said to be blind in one eye." And she answered him: "Have you just discovered that after 20 years of marriage!?" (Egyptian circa 1100 BC)

5. Odysseus tells the Cyclops that his real name is nobody. When Odysseus instructs his men to attack the Cyclops, the Cyclops shouts: "Help, nobody is attacking me!" No one comes to help. (Homer. The Odyssey 800 BC)

6. Question: What animal walks on four feet in the morning, two at noon and three at evening? Answer: Man. He goes on all fours as a baby, on two feet as a man and uses a cane in old age (Appears in Oedipus Tyrannus and first performed in 429 BC)

7. Man is even more eager to copulate than a donkey - his purse is what restrains him (Egyptian, Ptolemaic Period 304 BC – 30 BC)

8. Augustus was touring his Empire and noticed a man in the crowd who bore a striking resemblance to himself. Intrigued he asked: "Was your mother at one time in service at the Palace?" "No your Highness," he replied, "but my father was." (Credited to the Emporer Augustus 63 BC – 29 AD)

9. Wishing to teach his donkey not to eat, a pedant did not offer him any food. When the donkey died of hunger, he said "I've had a great loss. Just when he had learned not to eat, he died." (Dated to the Philogelos 4th /5th Century AD)

10. Asked by the court barber how he wanted his hair cut, the king replied: "In silence." (Collected in the Philogelos or "Laughter-Lover" the oldest extant jest book and compiled in the 4th/5th Century AD)

The study was commissioned by television channel Dave. Source of the top 10 oldest jokes can be viewed at www.dave-tv.co.uk.


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1 comments | Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VistaPrint is the best kept surprise in the business world! They make the best custom checks for you, either for personal use or business use.

Whatever your business is, VistaPrint will do the printed products to suit you -- in high quality. Imagine this: high-quality graphic design and full-color printing, without the premium price! VistaPrint offers many design templates to help get you started with your very own custom business checks. If you really want it, you can print your checks directly from your computer! Just choose your accounting software to easily get started.

No wonder the company won the "Best Shopping Site" for 2007 in the annual competition conducted by European online research agency MetrixLab in cooperation with Nielsen/NetRatings. The company previously won "Site of the Year" and "Most Popular Site" for its Spanish site in 2005 and 2006.

VistaPrint’s products are printed at two of their state-of-the-art plants in North America and Europe. As a global company, they employ more than 1,000 people and operate 19 localized Web sites serving over 120 countries around the world.

Let us all support VistaPrint’s endeavor and products. Ordering form them is safe and secure. Right now, they are offering exclusively vistaprint coupons – 25% off checks ordered. Use coupon code: Checks25.

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In times of dire need, who else would people turn to? For Christians, there is no other solution to problems than God. Can God intervene to have gas prices lower? A St. Louis faith-based group believes so.

The group has scheduled two prayer services at an area Mobil station to thank God for lower fuel prices and to ask that they continue to drop.

The non-Christians are laughing and singing: Amazing gas, how sweet the smell, that saved my SUV!


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0 comments | Monday, July 28, 2008

There is always a place for you in the Information Technology (IT) industry. IT is the fastest growing sector in the economy with a 68% increase in output growth rate projected between 2002 and 2012. With the rapid advances in computer technology, continuing advancement of new computer applications, and the growing importance of information security, no wonder a lot of people are getting jobs in IT.

Speaking of IT-related jobs, technical and professional certifications are rising more popular and increasingly essential. For IT workers to be always competent, they must continually renovate and gain new skills to remain qualified in this dynamic field. That is where Cisco comes in.

Cisco is a famous and large supplier of all types of networking hardware and software including security and router products. The company offers trainings to those wanting to become a member of Cisco. The training will give you the necessary foundation to get a better understanding of IP networking and troubleshooting. And with this Cisco training, you become better prepared to tackle the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, and pass it to get your Cisco certification.

I have so many friends who are IT experts and engineers who went into Cisco training. They said, passing the Cisco and eventually getting the certification is a boost to their CV. Finding a good job is never difficult once Cisco-certified! That was proven by my friends who are now working in big companies abroad.

So if IT is what you intend to make of your career, then you will have to go through proficient Cisco training to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate where you will be presented with employment wherever you go.

Sponsored by Cisco
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How would you feel if, one time in your life, you gave your very best and end up being beaten? Or offered everything for the very first time and losing it all?

I used to listen to woes from graduating students, who, for strenuously trying to reach a passing mark, openly shared with me bits and pieces of their struggles. As a former educator, more often than not, I heard stories of how parents laboriously produced a large sum of money for tuition fees. The stories also centered in realities like, getting over their lives when failures start to bump into.

Indeed, a grade of "failure" punctures the heart particularly if you think you have given everything in order to pass a subject. Even more painful if you know you do not deserve the failure at all. Although the experience is not unique in oneself, still failure brings you an indescribable distress and a tragic reminder, which you pray would not last long.

Failing a subject, however, must not be rationalized as something like you were taking it for granted. No matter how much effort you did, it just didn’t reach certain standards. As they say, the best was not just enough.

But in the grand finale, you must stand triumphant. You might have been deprived of some bliss here and there or rejected in a way; nevertheless, it could just be a signal to discover other skills you possess. And please stop the recurring why thoughts---why me, why I took this, etc.

Forget people's reaction to your failure. You can never recover from pain if you delve too much of what others think. Rise from the wobble and get out from the pit of defeat. Remember, you can never turn back the time to heal your wounded existence.

A priest had this remark about failure: "Do not worry, when you reach the gates of heaven, God will never ask you if you graduated on time or not. When you have done your best, with all honesty and with your heart: that is the most essential thing".

It is so simple a remark yet it gives you big hopes.


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0 comments | Sunday, July 27, 2008

First, if you can avoid a loan, avoid it. But if you really need it to start up a business for instance, then here are few loan tips for you.

1. Take note of the interest rate, consider the arrangement fees and prepayment penalties.

2. Keep your credit line as small as possible as loan officers count the total line of credit available as a liability.

3. Pay your debts before the due date. You don't want to be buried in the interest, do you?

4. Please do not put your family at risk by getting a home equity credit line to pay off your credit-card debts.

5. Shop for rates when the market is calm.

6. Always keep a copy of every check you issue.

What would you look for in a financing company? Try a simpler, smarter option to financing your small and mid-sized business.

1. Must have competitive rates
2. Must have fast approvals
3. Must have flexible offerings to suit specific and changing needs of on demand businesses
4. Must have expert financiers to give you advice and support

Try Personal Loan Mania - Fast Personal Loans Nationwide! With services available nationwide and personal loan programs for all credit situations you will enjoy how simple it is to qualify for your loan today. Getting approved for personal loans takes approximately three minutes on their secure server and your application is processed within seconds.
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0 comments | Saturday, July 26, 2008

Optimize your Wordpress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization). Download the Wordpress SEO Pack.

Some features:

* Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
* Generates META tags automatically
* Avoids the typical duplicate content found on Wordpress blogs
* For Wordpress 2.3 you don't even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.
* You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
* You can fine-tune everything
* Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.

Download Wordpress Blog Search Engine Optimization Pack.


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0 comments | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Start your journey to a healthier and better life in three steps. Start it right with the right step. Take the JourneyLite program and experience weight loss safely and amazingly.

Taking the first step will be easy as there are support groups, message boards, member forums, recipes, tips for success, nutrition education available for you. Everything is covered for a happier you. That guaranteed results are for life.

Journey Lite offers a comprehensive weight-loss surgery program that specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding which is also known as LAGB or the LAP BAND System procedure. Afraid of obesity surgery? Visit Journey Lite for help.

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Need some tips or strategies to solve a Rubik’s cube? The Rubik's cube is the one toy I haven't gotten my interest into. I just don't find the time to twist and turn the six-color cube and strain my mind on how to solve it. Anyway, someone invented a solution. Introducing the Rubik’s cube-solving robot based on Lego’s Mindstorm NXT!

Now, who wants to play or challenge the robot?


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0 comments | Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Supercharger is the answer to your turbo ride.

With a supercharger, much less complex management needed to control fueling and ignition due instantaneous rise of boost pressure.

With a supercharger, less intercooling needed to cool inlet air.

With a supercharger, much lower under bonnet temperature making everything cooler and so boosting power.

No dump valve to make a nice noise.

Superchargers are easier to install but tend to be more expensive.

For supercharger, or for your vw turbo needs, check out Turbochargerpros.com. Looking for the best price on a wide selection of replacement turbo and more? Then you are in the right place. Turbochargerpros.com is your place for all of your air induction needs.

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Why should change be painful? Why can’t change be just an ordinary word that passes us by without notice, like nothing has ever happened? Why must change occur at a time when we’re at our lowest?

Charles Darwin: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Me: I rather become the strongest and the most intelligent than be the one to hurdle change.

Charles DuBois: The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

Me: There should be other ways to keep the present rolling without having to sacrifice.

Georg C. Lichtenberg: I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.

Me: If I sacrifice in order to change, yet things won’t get better, how would that affects me?

John F. Kennedy: Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Me: Can I live the present and look at the future without changing?

Pearl S. Buck: Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.

Me: The germ of happiness can be attained by growing painlessly.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Life is a progress, and not a station.

Me: But a station is necessary to know how life progresses. Stop to ponder on your directions.

Anais Nin: There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Me: Perhaps change is not that painful at all. Let me try it now!


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0 comments | Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here is a site that is designed to help you find the parts that you need at an affordable price.

Discount AC Parts is a complete resource for Air Conditioning Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Drier, Orifice Tube and more. Our database contains thousands of Air Conditioning parts including Air Conditioning Compressor for all makes and models, all ready to ship same day or next business day.

Having business with Discount auto ac parts brings a hundred and one comfort:
- Lowest Prices Anywhere.
- Open 24 hours a day
- Convenient, personalized and user-friendly online purchasing
- The Fastest Shipping times on the net, Guaranteed.
- Comprehensive technical information, resources and advice.
- A tremendous selection of quality, brand name parts and accessories
- Top-notch customer service with Live Toll Free Phone Support
- No Core Charges on Either new or Remanufactured

Customers rated it at an average of 9 out of 10. Few comments from customers include:
- Ability to track orders until delivered
- Desired shipping options were available
- Correct product was delivered and it worked as described/depicted
- Availability/Ease of contacting, courtesy & knowledge of staff, resolution of issue

And so much more. With the scourging summer heat, you might want to put the air conditioning compressor running perfectly well. Visit the site.

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Yellowstone National Park is an enormous reserve located in the Western United and a habitat for the Grizzly Bears or the Grizzlies. Human-bear encounters are not rare in the park.

So when you are driving around, you might see a grizzly munching on few berries a hundred meters away. Here is one video we took.

Grizzlies are 6 to 8 ft (180–250 cm) long, stand 31⁄2 to 4 ft (105–120 cm) at the humped shoulder, and weigh up to 800 lb (360 kg). Primarily omnivorous, they are excellent hunters and prey on large mammals such as deer; they relish ants and other insects and depend on plants, roots, and berries to supplement their diet.


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0 comments | Monday, July 21, 2008

First, it was featured on FOX news! Now, Zennioptical.com is still making the big buzz with its amazing eyeglass deals.

Zennioptical is giving amazing deals on prescription eyeglasses to the public. Only $8 is what it cost for basic prescription glasses. It offers a wide range of frame styles, using a prescription filled by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Many have already bought their glasses. Many have been amazed by the very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.

The ordering process is very easy to understand. They have question marks all through the check out pages to answer any questions you may have. The product selections are excellent and extensive, just like any eyeglass store. If you are looking for frames, they have a variety of frame choices, including plastic or titanium. Most of the plastic glasses contained color options.

It will only take less than 2 weeks for your order to arrive. Zenni Optical only charges $4.95 for shipping regardless of how many pairs of glasses you buy.

If you order from them, here’s a guarantee: If the glasses have been incorrectly produced by the lab, they will correct them to the specifications of the original order at no additional expense to you. There will be no changes made, however, from the original order specifications (prescription, lens type, frame, color changes).

You can read more from here.

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You should visit this. Business Research allows you to search the best business information from across the Internet all from one search. It applies deep web technology for its searches.

Business Research is a free, publicly available Internet web portal allowing access to numerous business publications and resources.

* Searches market research, blogs, and the latest business news with one query
* Stay focused on business
* Real-time database searching
* Reduces your workload
* Free of charge for basic service
* Alerts and Personal Library options available soon
* Powered by our leading edge Distributed Explorit Technology

Try it here.


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You probably have been into some difficulties surrounding software asset management, especially if you are into a big business. Software assets are an important corporate resource for enhancing employee productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction.

If you are looking for web-based software solutions to plan, build, manage and grow geographically dispersed operating sites, projects, assets and real estate properties, then you need to check Siterra Corporation – for all your Asset Lifecycle Management solutions.

MetroPCS uses Siterra to optimize their site build-out projects and leasing activities. MetroPCS leverages the data generated and stored from these activities to create accurate budget forecasts.

AT&T relies on Siterra to store millions of data points, digital photos and documents for their expanded Cingular/AT&T wireless network. Siterra's intuitive user interface, query tools and robust reporting allow AT&T to easily access and analyze data to make critical decisions.

Sprint leverages the entire Siterra system to optimize their cell site operations. Siterra is also integrated with Sprint's legacy systems to fully leverage Siterra's reporting capabilities.
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0 comments | Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is a video about phone fraud committed by telemarketing scammers. This video explains how to recognize and report phone fraud and encourages consumers to register their number in the National Do Not Call Registry.

Let's Say Goodbye to Phone Fraud!


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0 comments | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It is mid-summer once again! Last year I spent two weeks of my summer holidays in New York. Most of the time that I was in Manhattan; I was just shopping to my last coin. Dude, was it good to shop at Time Square! The goodies were all tempting and had I been alone, I would have emptied my bank account for clothes and shoes. I bought two shoes actually, coughed up hundreds of bucks for personal luxuries. But there are also many things to do in New York aside from shopping. One, there is the Empire State building. It is once again the tallest building in New York after the destruction of the World Trade Center. The Empire State Building has been named by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

At the 50th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is the largest decorated Neo-Gothic-style Catholic cathedral in North America.

Then there is the ground zero. For those who were born just recently, it is the place where the Twin Towers once existed and bombed on September 11, 2001. Even after almost 6 years after the tragic event that killed thousands, standing at ground zero is a bit spookish. To get around NY easily, take the New York City tours.

It is most likely that next month I’d be in New York again, this time with my sister. If you want to go with me for sightseeing tours, visit Trusted Tours & Attractions for the best information you can get about your trip and for all your online travel guides. One more thing, if you sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter, you will have the chance to win a $150 iTunes gift card! Offer ends July 31st, 2008.

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0 comments | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have written about the trip to the Old Faithful Geyser in Wyoming, here. I forgot to post the video, though. My friend uploaded the geyser video for your viewing pleasure.

There is a 24-hr live webcam that sends a new real-time photo of Old Faithful Geyser approximately every 30 seconds. You should see that one too if you cannot visit the Old Faithful.


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I am starting to use Google Talk or GTalk. Again! Actually, I tried this instant messenger the moment it went live two years ago or so. But it didn't have the wow factor. I stopped when I found out that Yahoo Messenger (YM) was a much better medium for online chatting or sending instant messages. You can probably do anything you want while chatting with YM -- listen to various genre of streaming music for instance.

Before YM, I had the fondness for Windows Messenger. It was my main chatting system. When I started to get spam messages, I stopped using it.

Now, I'm back with Gtalk. Google Talk has tremendously improved since the last time I used it. I personally like the cute Gmail notification that appears on the lower right corner of the screen. YM uses notifications too, but with a much wider, long strip. GTalk also have translations bots. Send a message in one language and Gtalk will have it instantly translated into another. There are 24 bots available - French, Spanish, Greek, etc.

Just now, I am adding my Gtalk photo or avatar to personalize it. There are no "text help" that you can find on the gtalk window that will tell you how to add or change photo or display your favorite icon. But the process is still easy. Here's how to choose a Buddy Picture:

1. Sign in to Google Talk.
2. Click the image next to your name, at the top of your Friends list.
3. Select one of the provided pictures, or click Browse... to upload an image from another location.

Your picture will appear immediately, and your friends will be able to see it next to your name and status message in their Friends lists.

Note: If you upload your own picture, just make sure the image file is a .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG. Google Talk will automatically resize the image in your file to 32x32.

That's it guys. Gtalk will now be side-by-side with my YM. Which one is better? I still go for Yahoo Messenger. But who knows I might change my mind when I get used to Gtalk.

To sign-up for gtalk, here. However, if you already have a GMail, the account will work just fine.


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1 comments | Monday, July 14, 2008

What's wrong with the Miss USA contestant? And what's with falling? Is there something wrong with the shoes? For the second time in a row, the Miss USA delegate tripped during the evening gown competition. Remember how Rachel Smith last year slipped and fell during the evening gown competition as well? It's the beginning of a pageant curse! LOL.

We happened to watch the Miss Universe 2008 pageant while changing channels from the usual Law and Order. We tuned in late but we were able to catch up with Miss USA's tripping incident.

Another video after the jump.

Miss Universe 2007 - Miss USA falls down

My housemate and I were hoping to see our respective countries on the top 10. Too bad, the top 10 were dominated by Latinas.

Congratulations to Miss Venezuela! But Miss USA was the best! Expect another slip next year fellows!


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0 comments | Sunday, July 13, 2008

The second time around was not that exciting anymore. The Brookings Summer Arts Festival 2008 showcased mostly the same stuff as last year. There were booths from Top National Artists. Ethnic and gourmet food booths, Antique and Old West booths, and live entertainments abound at the Brookings Pioneer park during the two-day event (July 12th and 13th).

Children enjoyed the days the most, with playgrounds and areas intended for them at the park.

The Filipino booth (of Ate Annie) catered the hungry mouths of every Filipino who happened to be there. Thanks to the sumptuous grilled lamb and the usual eggroll. Thanks to Kuya Dong too for the extra food on the table. Of course there were beers and the smiles of Filipinos chatting and taking photos.

I only stayed for an hour or so and decided to go home. Next year, there might be something different to see than just the two jugglers who never change their costumes. LOL.


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0 comments | Saturday, July 12, 2008

When there's fireworks in Brookings, South Dakota, it's gotta be the 4th of July (Independence Day). It's some sort of a requirement to have fireworks display to commemorate the freedom of the United States. Whichever State you are, expect to see some colorful blasts in the air, as fireworks light up the sky.

It was my second time to celebrate Independence Day with the Americans at the Swiftel area. Americans loved the day. They brought with them chairs and lawn towels, like they were there for a picnic, while a band played some contemporary music on stage.

I came there solely for the Fireworks. Last year, the display sucked big time that I went home very disappointed. This time,I expected much more fun, much more impressive show of lights. This time, I was close enough to appreciate it.

If the last time rated negative on my own scale, this 2nd time showed a bit of improvement in terms of synchronization of blasts and timing of effects. Spacing between blasts was just okay, it didn't drag long enough to make me sleep, unlike last year's.

Overall, if I rate it from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I'd give this year's Brookings Fireworks a passing 6.


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0 comments | Friday, July 11, 2008

Are there cheap hotels in New York? Maybe cheap inns or lodging houses in some suburbs, but cheap hotels? If you try to search for affordable hotels online, you'd see that the minimum price a night in these so-called cheap hotels is still over $100.

Searching for cheap hotels, inns or motels, reveals quite a few.

1. Super 8 Hotel Times Square - located for exploring midtown and close to subways.
Address: 59 W. 46th St.
Telephone: 800-848-0020, 212-719-2300
Price Range: $89 - $329
Google map location

View Larger Map

2. Colonial House Inn - Colonial House Inn welcomes both gay & straight visitors.
Address: 318 W. 22nd St
Telephone: 800-689-3779, 212-243-9669
Price Range: $80 (single, weeknight) - $140 (deluxe, weekend)
Google map location

3. Red Roof Inn - Free WiFi access and continental breakfast; all rooms have private baths, cable, & coffee makers.
Address: 6 W. 32nd St
Telephone: 800-567-7720, 212-643-7100
Price Range: $89 - $329
Google map location

4. Larchmont Hotel - features tvs, phones, robes and sinks, with full baths available in the hall.
Address: 27 W. 11th St.
Telephone: 212-989-9333
Price Range: $70 - $125
Google map location


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Zenni Optical is now on FOX news! Great news for the online prescription eyeglasses Web site.

ZenniOptical.com offers a wide range of frame styles, using a prescription filled by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you are interested of seeing the Fox news interview video, click here: Zenni on Fox.

The video is really very informative, especially for parents with young kids wearing eyeglasses.

If you are an adult who has been wearing glasses for awhile, who wants to try out some cool new frames, the site is a great, inexpensive option.

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With the absence of TFC in my cable TV provider, there is only one option left to watch Philippine TV shows in Brookings, South Dakota for free. You got it right. Visit online sites that offer free-watching shows. There are so many you, probably, can think of.

Google deep - meaning go beyond the results of Google - and you'd be surprised to see the abundance of free sites downloading Philippine TV shows right on time, just minutes after they were shown in the Philippines.

Lately, I was hooked to YouTube. Not that I like YouTube a lot. It was because I was following the Lobo TV series everyday, without a skip. LOL. Funny, because I had never done anything like this before. The first episodes of Lobo were the addictive ones. The storyline was intriguing too and it was very unpredictable, unlike other shows I've seen before that I already had the idea of who gets what, or who would die in the end. This time, Lobo kept me guessing.

Anyway, the series ended today. Finally, I get to bid YouTube goodbye, maybe for a while until the next sci-fi show comes along.

Interested of watching the whole Lobo episodes? Visit this link.


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Searching for cheap yet quality eyeglasses? What about $8 eyeglasses? Yes, you read it right - $8 eyeglasses are offered at Zeni Optical. I couldn't believe it myself, but they have stylish eye glasses that fit you best.

You may not have a 20-20 vision, and are forced to wear a pair of glasses, but that doesn't mean you cannot be fashionable. Make your glasses say something of who you are. Pick your personal fashion and style. At zennioptical.com, they bring you a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.

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Summer is the season that squirrels propagate in numbers. These small or medium-sized animals breed like rabbits. We just located a breeding hole near our garage, just beside the pavement.

We noticed one fine day a little creature popping out of the hole and running to the opposite side of the pavement. We thought it was the only one, but another head popped out, and then another, and then another. We lost count how many were exactly in the small burrow.

The little squirrels were nice to look at, actually. Although they look like rats, the kind that one finds munching in garbage bins, they were cute and seemed cuddly. As I walked towards the office two days ago, I saw a number of them flat dead on the streets, run-over by vehicles. The little creatures didn't know anything about road hazards and the possibility of getting killed by cars especially at night.

It's a pity to see them dead.  They were supposed to enjoy life as a young crawling creature. Life was cut short because of Mother Squirrel not watching over them. Youngsters should not wander at night!


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These jokes are for Visayan-speaking (Bisaya) Filipinos. Bisaya jokes tickle me more than the Tagalog ones. Most likely reason is the fact that I grew up listening to them on the AM radio.

Here are the jokes. Smile as long as you want.

Sa pharmacy....
Boy: Miss, palit kog kondom.
Tindera: Sayz sir.
Boy: (gihinay ang tingog pahunghung) hmmmmm...small lang miss
Tindera: Dili sir, kbaw ko gamay kag otin, ako pasabot tag sayz pesos ang usa ba..

Mare 1: Grabe na jud ko ka kalimtanon oi, misaka gani ko ug hagdan, mo-hunong ko kay malimot ko kung paingon bako taas o sa ubos.
Mare 2: Ako? Simbako lang...(with matching knock 3 times on wood), dili jud ko limtanon. Excuse me sa ha kai murag naay nanuktok!!!

Boy: Blesses me father for i have sinned....
Pari: Go ahead my son...
Boy: Nanglili ko ug babae, naligo man tu cya, kita iyang dughan, daku kaayo ug totoy, puti kaayo ug paa, nya gahubo ug panty...
Pari: Unsa pa?
Boy: Wa na kay ni-brown out man.
Pari: Atay ning Meralco oi!

Wife: Gikan nasad ka sa imong kabit nuh? Unya nag 69 mo!
Bana: (Nakurat kay tinuod man) Ngano man naay bolbol akong baba?
Wife: Wa man imong ilong naay TAE! Amaw!
After sex with a college girl...
Mayor: Hmmmmm how much?
Girl: P200 pesos lang sir.
Mayor: What? how can you live with P200 pesos?
Girl: Ay sir, sideline ra ni nako, blackmail man jud ako business...bantay ka ni mam ha?

Titser: Class, what are the different colors of bananas?
Juan: Mam, green, yellow, red, and brown.
Titser: Gago jud ka, naa bay brown nga saging?
Juan: Gaga sad ka, ang linung-ag diay piki na!?

Sexy girl nangumpisal. ..
Pari: Iha, unsa may imong sala?
Girl: Father, ug makabati kog lalaki nga mamalikas, di nako mapugngan makig-sex niya!
Pari: Buang, ka leche gud anang sala-a, peste! Ataya nuh!

Lola: Honey, nabantayan jud nako bah nga kung mangape ta, mag-init dayon akong lawas.
Lolo: Nganong dili manginit, tan-awa ra gud na imong totoy, natuslob na sa kape!

More Jokes:

BULOY: Toy, imo man daw gitug-anan akong uyab nga pisot ko?
BITOY: Wala Loy oy! Ako ra siya ingnan nga hapit naka tuli-on.
Buloy: Aw lagi, Abi nakog nitug-an ka!

Read and laugh more. There are more jokes here.


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During weekends when you cannot enter the office, or when you are just bored on your office chair and would want to finish some stuff somewhere, there are few places in Brookings, South Dakota where you can spend your hours in, with free internet connection or free Wi-Fi.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, I spend most of my time in Cottonwood Coffee along Main Ave. It is one of the Wi-Fi hotspots in this "small city". Internet connection is pretty fast although it could get slow at times when students flock the coffee shop and play games on their laptops. Cottonwood Coffee is best for studying, browsing the internet, having conversation with friends and even playing board games (they have a number of free board games for customers).

There are other Wi-Fi hotspots around the town too. You can try try the Brookings Public Library at 515, 3rd Street.

Here is another: Lodge Coffee and Espresso, 503 Main Ave., Sioux River Bicycles and Fitness. I've heard they have free internet too, but the space inside the coffee shop is so small, not so many students visit the place actually.

Wi-Fi hotspot at Safari Lounge? I've been there last night, playing billiards with American friends (oh well, I lost in all 4 games). I haven't tried their connection yet. The place has nice tables and it is quite spacious. But one of the problems you probably would encounter is, at some point in time, drunk men shouting. Safari Lounge is also a drinking bar where bar-hoppers spend time gulping beers and most booze you can think of. It is advisable to go before 6PM when the bar is not yet populated with night-drinkers.

The University Lutheran Center at 1404, 8th St., offers free Wi-Fi too. It is just right across the Catholic church and is open to everyone. You don't have to be a Lutheran to be there. Feel free to stop by.

The most popular among students is the South Dakota State University, Hilton M. Briggs Library along 9th Street. It is open till 12 midnight on regular days. Wireless internet is fast especially if you are a student since you can enlist your laptop to access the university wireless. There are public connections that can be detected too. These are for guests and other visitors of the library.

Most hotels in Brookings have free Wi-Fi: Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Super 8 motel, Fairfield Inn & Suites. I am not sure about Days Inn if it has one.

That's it. Connecting online is not a problem in this small city of Brookings. Wi-Fi is everywhere.


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Today, just when I arrived home and proceeded to the kitchen to prepare my lunch, a bird (I don't know the name, just see the photo) suddenly perched on a bush near the kitchen window. At first, I didn't mind it. At this time of year, birds of various species, abound in Brookings South Dakota. [video after the jump]

Few minutes later, however, as I was comfortably seated, watching Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis live on TV, I heard this short banging against something. I thought it was just the clothes dryer that my housemate left running the whole morning. It wasn't. Slowly, the noise was becoming irritating. It was then that I realized that the little yellow-green-chested bird was banging or attacking the glass window.

"Confused bird", was my first reaction. Maybe the bird thought something inside the house was appealing. Maybe the bird thought she could go through a glass window by simply banging its head or flapping its wings against it.

I shooed the bird away twice. Twice it flew past the road across the house just to come back a few minutes later, at the same spot of the bush, and attacked the same window. That's the time I decided to take a video. I tiptoed towards the kitchen side, placed my camera close to the glass window and, alas, the bird didn't even care. The bird merely looked at my camera and continued with its performance. So I had good shots at it's crazy show, in the end.

Watch the video.

Tell me what you think. What is this bird doing?


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Those khaki pants! I used to wear one in the Philippines, because I love the shade of khaki, not to mention the nice designs of some pants.

If you want to know where to but good quality police gears, I would suggest LA Police Gear shop. It is a business founded by, yes, policemen from L.A. Thus, the name.

The business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers!

What can you get if you buy from them? Only three important factors: extremely fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service! What more can you ask for?

So get those Blackhawk holsters from LA Police Gear and shop now!

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Multivariate Statistics. SAS program code for Discriminant Analysis for Two Groups. SAS software has a procedure "PROC DISCRIM" for performing Discriminant Analysis. The procedure can create a linear discriminant function for a given dataset. The linear discriminant function can be used to classify new observations to one of the two available populations.

Discriminant analysis is sometimes know as classification analysis. It can be used to build rules that can classify new observations into two or more labeled classes. The emphasis is on deriving a rule that can be used to optimally assign new observations to the labeled classes.

Suppose there are two populations, each of them has p variables and follows a multivariate normal distribution. Suppose a new observation vector is known to come from either population 1 or population 2. A rule is needed that can be used to predict from which of the two populations the new observation vector is most likely to have come. The most commonly used discriminant rule for two populations is the linear discriminant function rule.

Run the sample SAS program for Discriminant Analysis below:

dm log 'clear';
dm output 'clear';
options nodate;
data Twogroups;
input Groups X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 @@;
1 242.0 23.2 25.4 30.0 38.4 13.4
1 290.0 24.0 26.3 31.2 40.0 13.8
1 340.0 23.9 26.5 31.1 39.8 15.1
1 363.0 26.3 29.0 33.5 38.0 13.3
1 500.0 26.8 29.7 34.5 41.1 15.3
1 390.0 27.6 30.0 35.0 36.2 13.4
1 98.0 17.5 18.8 21.2 26.3 13.7
1 340.0 23.9 26.5 31.1 39.8 15.1
1 450.0 27.6 30.0 35.1 39.9 13.8
1 500.0 28.5 30.7 36.2 39.3 13.7
1 475.0 28.4 31.0 36.2 39.4 14.1
1 500.0 28.7 31.0 36.2 39.7 13.3
2 40.0 12.9 14.1 16.2 25.6 14.0
2 69.0 16.5 18.2 20.3 26.1 13.9
2 78.0 17.5 18.8 21.2 26.3 13.7
2 187.0 18.2 19.8 22.2 25.3 14.3
2 150.0 20.4 22.0 24.7 23.5 15.2
2 145.0 20.5 22.0 24.3 27.3 14.6
2 160.0 20.5 22.5 25.3 27.8 15.1
2 140.0 21.0 22.5 25.0 26.2 13.3
2 160.0 21.1 22.5 25.0 25.6 15.2
2 169.0 22.0 24.0 27.2 27.7 14.1
proc discrim data=Twogroups list crosslist;
class Groups;
title 'Discriminant Analysis for Two Groups';


Leave me a comment if you have questions.

Acknowledgments goes to Weiming Ke, PhD (SDSU, Department of Mathematics and Statistics).


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Whenever you are in another city, traveling, then car rental services will provide you the means to explore many legendary sites and will give you the journey of a lifetime.

You can travel anywhere you want when you have a  vehicle with you. Don't rely on public transport. It will delay your trip and waste most of your time. There are a number of cheap car rentals out there that offer a quality car service. So if you are looking for a car rental service, why won't you check out advantage.com? They have an ongoing offer of up to a 50% discount on Luxury and Convertibles.

Most important thing is, they have services at more than 150 U.S. locations and 130 locations in 33 countries internationally.

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Do you wish to bring your computer programs along with you when you travel, sans your laptop? Then place them in your USB flash drive, iPod, or any portable hard drive.

How will this be possible? Use PortableApps.com. It provides a truly open platform that works with any hardware you like, leaving no personal data behind when you travel. It's open source built around an open format that any hardware vendor or software developer can use.

The PortableApps.com Suite and Platform is free. It contains no spyware. There are no advertisements. It isn't a limited or trial version. There is no additional hardware or software to buy. You don't even have to give out your email address. It's 100% free to use, free to copy and free to share.

Wanna try it. Download here.


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This topic is a bit controversial. But what the heck? Everything new that has been discovered has always been labeled as controversial. Like for instance this Stem Cell Innovation for Women. It is about the collection and preservation of vital stem cells that can be harvested from the body's menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle.

You think the menstrual blood is an unsanitary waste? Think again. C'elle's exciting new research shows that menstrual fluid contains self-renewing stem cells that can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for potential cellular therapies that may emerge in the future.

This service is really for women who want to invest in future potential health care and well-being. If you are into this, then order C'elle today for an affordable limited-time introductory price.

Stem cell research has determined that C'elle is a 100% match for the woman donor and may possibly match her first-degree relatives such as a parent, sibling or child. The time for C'elle is now while a woman's body is healthy and disease-free. Visit http://www.celle.com to order online.

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We had our first Gamma Sigma Epsilon (GSE) summer party last weekend. As usual, we had a blast.

The highlight of the party was the pingpong game in our garage. Everyone loved the new table legs my housemate Val and I recently built. I played just once and (what would you expect) won!

Food was awesome. I cooked a spicy pork with coconut milk, which everyone loved. They specifically mentioned the unique taste of the sauce. Truth is, I love the unique blending of the coconut milk and the partly "browned" pork. I might cook it again someday.

Cheers to the next party!


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