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0 comments | Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I am referring to the weather. Strange weather. Just last week the sun was all out and the temperature was at its most amazing range. People were even starting to wear shorts and shirts - that's minus the thick coats and sweatshirts. I thought it was the start of the spring season and then eventually the hot summer days.

Whew, what is this snow doing today? Common, it ruins my plan of getting rid of my winter clothes by stacking them up somewhere far from sight. I want to wear my light clothes again and be the way that I used to be when I was in the Philippines. I miss wearing T-shirts and shorts. And sleeveless shirts.

It seems that the cold weather will be staying here this week, as the blinking button weather channel software installed in my laptop says. You know I get this updated temperature scale that blinks in my status bar each time I am online. As of this writing, it is -9 degrees celcius. Pretty cold huh! For a Pinoy, yes. Although I have experienced something like -20 degrees a few months back, still this temperature is not the one that I like to be in right now.

Oh God, bring the hot summer days in!

Jump to another story. I took some shots of the groceries I bought a couple of days ago. I needed to store something for the rainy season, sorry, snowy season.

Welch's 100% grape juice is the best. If you feel like Dracula drinking fresh blood, buy this. The juice is a bit concentrated yet not the type that sticks to your gums or teeth. It is a juice, pure juice that leaves a sensation of wanting for more, even after consuming three glasses. Next time I will try the other flavors.

Then there's the milk. The percentage of fat varies - 0%, 1%, 2%, whatever you like. Pick what best suits your diet. Half a gallon of milk (1.89 liters) costs about $1.6 or about 75 pesos. Not bad.
Then here's the Breyers 98.5% fat free swirled yogurt in different flavors. When I was in the Philippines, I never miss to buy those yogurt drinks that my little brother and I loved to drink every time I went for grocery shopping. I love yogurts a lot. I can survive having one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don't mind at all being served with yogurts in a restaurant. Don't you know that a 227g of yogurt (same size as the container in the photo) is equivalent to 240 calories? A very good source of energy!
Since I came here, I haven't eaten a white bread. My craving for wheat bread is just so immense that when I am in the bread section of the grocery, I don't have to spend time thinking which bread to pick. This Dutch Hearth is tasty with some grains (I think its Barley flakes) sprinkled on top. The chocolate cookies, ah, never mind. One of the cheapest cookies you'll ever find on shelf. I just like buying them. LOL.
This "Swiss miss" choco mix will surely indulge your chocolate craving. Olala. It is made from a blend of premium cocoa and fresh milk. You can also select different flavors. Personal picks are the French mix and this mocha cappuccino. This is available in Philippine supermarkets by the way. Go grab one, taste it and tell me that I am correct.
Nobody is paying me to promote these products. But I am willing to accept an offer if ever there is one.



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