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0 comments | Monday, April 02, 2007

One satisfying moment for a writer is when he/she gets praises from readers for what he/she writes. That moment cannot be replaced by any other. Nor it can be bought. It is priceless.

Look at how few of my readers reacted and liked my column. I do not know them. Since the newspaper has a wide circulation, it could be from other States. Whoever they are, they make my heart beat fonder and the writer in me so inspired. Thank you.

If I write, I don't need anyone to pay me anything. I write because it is a passion that I passionately would love to do, for forever, free of charge. If only my time permits, I would like to contribute articles to various newspapers and magazines. Human as I am, well, I just cannot. For now, I content myself with my weekly writing stint in the Collegian.

I had no article last week, not because I didn't meet the deadline. It was for reasons of humaneness and generosity. I had to give my space to another columnist. The Collegian sometimes is just full of advertisements that columnists are divested of space. I think the management should look into the possibility of increasing the number of pages or to assign a specific week for each writer or to minimize those big photos that totally occupy the front page. But I don't have any control over this. All I could do is to pitch in few of my creative thoughts and wait for the management to react.

Anyway, even if I didn't submit anything last week, my previous article is still one of the most popular articles online. Meaning, people clicked and read it. Or maybe they just clicked but never read. It doesn't matter. The fact is, they clicked it because they were interested.

My ideas are overflowing. Rest assured, my coming articles will be more interesting and will only be for you dear readers...straight from my heart.



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