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0 comments | Monday, January 29, 2007

That's the question I posted online.

I stumbled upon an IQ scoring measure online that shows your IQ could be a determinant of your future career. Scoring a low of 90 could mean ending up as a laborer. Or if you have a high of 140, you could well apply for a professorship or a research scientist position. I checked mine and it seems to match. I have a 130 IQ score and it says the level belongs to Engineers (or in my case, civil engineers). What do you think?

Here are what others say:
1. Not necessarily. I've read that some top-notch professional chess players have IQ's in the low 90's.

2. IQ doesn't mean near as much as a person's desire to succeed. I know a guy who tests at genius level, yet he works in a movie theater as a ticket taker.

3. No. IQ is only one measure of intelligence. Sometimes people become laborers because they just didn't have the right opportunities. Opportunity is not a measured in the IQ.

4. Not really, a hardworking person with IQ of 90 may be more productive than the 'cleverer' person who's also a slacker.

Now, what is your argument?

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