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1 comments | Sunday, January 21, 2007

You don't have to say it. I admit that I am beginning to be addicted to skating. Not because I am good at it. It's all because of the fun I derived from it. You see, I've been at the Larson Ice Skating rink for only 4 times. Those 4 times were learning experiences. I find it very fulfilling to see myself improving on the ice.

It wasn't good at the beginning, believe me. The moment you put your feet on the frozen ice, you feel like you're gonna slide up to the other end, and you could only wish the ice were rough. But that cannot happen, you know that.

So you'd just be contented on the sides and just wait for your guts to rise beyond your head for you to brave the center of the rink, which are dominated by professional skaters. One more thing: once you are in the middle, pray that nobody bumps on you. Otherwise, it can be very painful.

Expect also that you'd fall -- one, two or maybe many times, on your tries to balance. Part of the learning process ladies and gentlemen.

Today, I have improved a lot. I also noticed that I can skate better if I sing while I skate. There is truth to that. Really.

I prepared a video, of course.

More pictures from the snowy Brookings:

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Blogger AL said...

Good for you!

I cannot skate and ski (too old and scared to try). Oh and very nice photos!

January 23, 2007 5:15 PM


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