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0 comments | Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Entourage Pocket Edge eBook reader appeared on the CES 2011 event. It has two screens: a 6-inch E Ink display and a full color 7-inch LCD screen.


Amazon is selling the Entourage Pocket Edge eBook. Check out the price here: POCKET EDGE 7.0

Product Features:

* 1. 6 diagonal e-paper display with digitizer serves as an e-reader and notebook to read e-books, take notes, draw diagrams and mark up documents in EPUB of PDF format, such as recipes or contracts, simultaneously.
* 2. 7 LCD resistive touch screen with touch screen interface for browsing the Web, watching videos or checking email.
* 3. The two screens work uniquely together for better content engagement, such as viewing hyperlinks from digital documents, or embedding Web pages and video into text in e-books.The Pocket eDGe comes with an included stylus for easy navigation on both screens. It can orient displays horizontally and vertically for easy viewing and folds 360 degrees to easily view as a book, prop open like a laptop or fold over to view one screen in tight spaces. It is equipped with audio and video features tha
* A flexible hinge and rotating screens to use it at multiple angles
* A sturdy outer shell to protect both screens when shut



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