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0 comments | Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hantech Tablo for laptops is an innovative pen input device performing a full tablet function with simple installation. Tablo supports perfect tablet compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and provides the finest handwriting, drawing, sketching and illustration with simple touch.

This excellent pen mouse allows to maximize its convenience while using following software; Microsoft Windows Live messenger, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Journal Note, and Sticky Note and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, and many more programs where mouse is normally used. Create and personalize your documents with your own style!

Hantech Tablo Advantage
▪ Easily transform normal laptop to powerful tablet PC
▪ Direct input on screen or on the air like Nintendo Wii with emotional handwriting (2D & 3D)
▪ Large coverage of laptop screen size up to 15.4
▪ Perfect brush effect by speed pressure technology
▪ Plug & play on Microsoft Windows Vista & Office 2007
▪ Perfect tablet compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP by provided TABLO annotator software
▪ Convergence of Digital & Ink Pen
▪ Ultra portable tablet system
▪ Sleek & modern design

Hantech Tablo Supported Software
▪ Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
▪ Microsoft Windows Live Messenger
▪ Microsoft Sticky Note
▪ Microsoft Journal Note
▪ Microsoft Ink Desktop
▪ Microsoft Capture Tool
▪ Microsoft Paint
▪ Microsoft OneNote
▪ Adobe PDF
▪ Adobe Photoshop
▪ Adobe Illustrator
▪ Tablo Office Annotator for XP, Vista Home Basic
▪ Tablo Ink Desktop for XP, Vista Home Basic
▪ User applications using Microsoft Ink Library and playing games

Check it out on woot.com right now. If not, you can check it out at the Hantech website.




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