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0 comments | Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now that the Nokia Booklet 3G has begun shipping in Europe, reviews are coming in as well. Walter S. Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal had the chance to get a hands-on of the Nokia Booklet 3G running Windows 7.

Nokia boasts that this netbook's battery will last for 12 hours; after running it through a harsh test with its screen cranked up to the brightest setting, Wi-Fi on, music playing on a continuous loop and all power-saving features turned off, it ran for almost eight hours straight. This means that under normal circumstances, the battery might last for a remarkable 10 hours.

The Booklet 3G that I used differs from Nokia's final release version in a few ways: Mine wasn't loaded with AT&T's Connection Manager software, which enables switching between Wi-Fi and 3G; it lacked the Nokia Social Hub software, which the company says allows users to track social-media feeds and text messages; and the GPS wasn't yet connected to the U.S. map data server. My Booklet 3G included Ovi Suite, a Nokia-designed software program to bridge the connection between some Nokia smartphones and the Booklet 3G, like iTunes for the iPhone or BlackBerry's Desktop Manager. But the software I had wasn't the final version.

Read the complete Nokia Booklet 3G review here.



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