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0 comments | Friday, September 12, 2008

It is back to school for kids. It will mean a lot of organization for moms -- organizing stuff from folders to notebooks and making sure everything is ready. What about making your kid’s stuff stylish? Pencil cases, lunch boxes – make them stand out!

Labels. You can create labels for each class and place them on each folder and corresponding notebook.

I saw one label maker that will be useful for moms, the DYMO Personal Label Maker. It has a wide assortment of tapes to meet your every need, including iron-on, magnetic, different colors, clear, and metallic. I wished my Mom had a label maker when I was young, I could have avoided a fight with a bully who claimed he owned the notebook I left on my desk.

Labeling things is really helpful. Mama used to label my lunchbox so I won’t confuse it with my brother’s, who happened to have the same color as mine. Since I was a bit choosy with food, a label helped me to alert big bro what was his and never to touch the other blue box. That was long ago, without the Dymo color labels.

With DYMO, now you can use LetraTag to print eye-catching labels on red tape like:

* Name: [child's name]
* Allergy: [name of allergy or allergies]
* Contact: [phone number in case of emergency]

Today, Dymo makes labeling so easy for moms.


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