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1 comments | Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eskina means corner.

I just saw this video on YouTube with the famous 'corner' in my hometown in Argao, Cebu Philippines. The corner is the intersection of the national road and the Poblacion road. It is where people traveling from the city get off from big buses and flag a tricycle (trisikad) for an 'air-conditioned' ride to their respective homes.

I miss home. Those barbecue stands are cheap and not to mention selling saucy, steamy chicken, pork, beef barbecues. When I go home soon, I will savor every moment and taste every street food for as long as I can.

Thanks to DB3TH for the video.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

u know..i've been in argao..we had our archaeological excavation there..we've stayed there our a week..we have lots of memories in argao..argao is a beautiful,peaceful and place where people wish to live for their rest of lives..thanks, ARGAO! for letting us experience your beauty..".)

August 12, 2009 9:35 PM


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