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4 comments | Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here is a tale of my last Philippine island-hopping trip before I took the big leap to the USA.

I wasn't alone the last time I went to Bohol, Philippines. The boyfriend of my sister from the U.S. arrived and my younger brother who works in Manila managed to squeeze in a little vacation. The trip from Cebu island (Queeen city of the Southern Philippines) to the neighboring Bohol island was exciting, with all the fun things we did as a group.

Supercat, the supposedly fastest sea vessel going to Bohol, stopped its operation for quite sometime now, after it suffered major losses due to strong competitions from much newer companies offering lower fares. However, the lower the fare, the longer is the travel time. The trip was an hour and a quarter long, contrary to what I was used to, an hour and a half with Supercat.

For a businessmen who travels a lot between the islands and every tick of the clock is precious, the travel time difference is too much.

Going back to my trip story. When we reached Tagbilaran city, the capital of the island, we were upset to realize that the van service from the hotel where we would be housed, didn't arrive to fetch us. We were forced to take a cab. It wasn't a problem shelling out a few hundred pesos for a 30 minute ride. The problem was how to find a cab in a city dominated by tricycles!

We waited for almost an hour and only saw one cab that was occupied! Sweating all over, we were so desperate to be in the hotel and just take the necessary respite. Finally, we were able to negotiate a jeepney for a lower rent, around two hundred pesos.

We were bound for Bohol Plaza, a hotel/restaurant atop a mountain in the prestigious Panglao island of Bohol. A few kilometers away is the equally famous white beach Panglao resort. Indeed, it's true. The hotel has a relaxing and breathtaking panorama overlooking the islands.When we entered the lobby, we were already on the 4th floor level. Weird? Not at all. They built the hotel following the mountain slopes. They never intended to build a high-rise structure. The concept was to go down the slope and revolutionalize it into different hotel levels.
My brother and I took one deluxe room for 1,500 pesos (roughly $28). It was cheaper than most of the standard hotels in Cebu even if Bohol Plaza was classified as a premiere hotel. One probable reason is that, many tourists find it too far from the main land. Accessibility is also an issue that I think the hotel management must really look into.Spending a night at the top of a mountain was simply awesome. We saw myriad colors from the city lights afar and the intermittent sparks of lighting on one side of the mainland. It was a beauty to see everything from just one spot.Oh no, I've been writing a lot about Bohol Plaza and I'm not even a co-owner! I'll tell you more about the about the trip soon.



Blogger juLai said...

Hi there Rick,I'm a new member of bisdakplanet..Wowww it's nice that you featured my beloved province in your blog...hehhe..but sorry about the inconvenience you encountered in going to Bohol plaze..But in deed, Bohol is really a very nice place..A paradise for me,ahehehe..

April 24, 2007 5:21 AM

Blogger talksmart said...

Hi Julai. My Dad is a Boholano. He's from Jagna. But my parents are now based in Cebu. :-)

April 24, 2007 12:25 PM

Blogger juLai said...

Ahhh mao ba..I thought u'r a pure Cebuano..I'm from Pilar..

April 24, 2007 4:49 PM

Blogger talksmart said...

But I was born and grew up in Cebu ;-)

April 24, 2007 9:13 PM


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