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0 comments | Thursday, March 01, 2007

A blizzard warning later this afternoon, weather reports say. Classes are suspended but work for staff continues, the University announcement says. [there are photos after the jump]

I am not afraid of a snow storm. Our tropical storms, extra-super-doper bagyo in Pinas, are much stronger and deadly. What can a snowfall do to a Filipino who has survived earthquakes in Mindanao (yes when I was young), super typhoon Rufing and El Nino in Cebu, and tsunami in Indonesia? The last one, by the way, I just made it up.

So I went out of the building and brave the snow storm. The real purpose is not only to test myself if I could manage to walk with the strong wind and the snow hitting my face at the same time, but to take pictures around the snow-covered Brookings city. The verdict: no challenge at all.

It is cold. Temperature is way below zero. Wind is blowing from north then south then changes in a direction you just cannot tell. But wading through the snow piles and surviving the turbulence was a piece of cake. I walked, ran, and allowed myself to be buried in the snow. That easy. See how a Filipino wanderer could withstand a stormy weather in the USA. Thanks to the experience I had in the Philippines :-)

There are more pictures here. Visit my Flickr album.



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